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Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Question of Leadership...

Two subjects that stir up angst in "polite conversation" are religion and politics. 

One can hope, anyway. 

Did you watch the debate? Was it what you expected? It sure wasn't what I expected, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Here's my .02 for what it's worth.

The debate demonstrates the choice ahead. Obama is a nice guy, a talented guy, a role model for many, a feel-good story, eloquent, and charismatic. But he's not qualified to lead a nation like the U.S. He can look good, sound good, feel good, but in the end he's overmatched by the job. His first 4 years show that ultimately he was too much style and not enough substance. That was how it went last night in the debate. Romney came with a plan, he articulated it clearly, supported it repeatedly, and responded on-topic to his opponent. Obama clearly hadn't prepared enough. He spoke with emotional euphemisms. He rarely offered any kind of support besides more emotional pleas. And he really didn't respond to Romney's arguments. It was kind of surreal to behold. These are supposed to be MASTERS of debate. But in any high school debate club, kids could recognize the numerous flaws in Obama's approach.

Pundits from both parties can pull statistics out of their ears and make them sound like they mean pretty much whatever they want. But, if people HONESTLY look at the last four years and ask, "Are we better off today than we were four years ago?" The answer is absolutely not. And it's not close. If you vote for Obama this year, you are likely voting out of devotion to a side. You are a lifelong Democrat or Liberal or just a fan of Obama, and no matter what the policies are, you're voting Obama's way.

If you are voting on policies and potential, there's no way you can't vote for Romney. He's not perfect. No, and he's not even stellar. But Romney is clearly more prepared to perform the duties of President. He is much more likely to enact policies that will actually help the U.S. Obama offers nothing new, and the old axiom holds true: insanity is doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result.

IMHO no sitting President should be voted into a second term UNLESS he/she has made marked improvements in most major areas of government: economy, defense, education, health, law, etc. Acting like we need to "give the guy a little more time" is ridiculous. Either the candidate arrives in office, prepared and purposeful, and over 4 years makes major improvements or OUT HE/SHE GOES.

Vote for Romney this year. He'll be a better president. And maybe in four years, we'll actually have two GREAT candidates to debate.


Taisia Tinúviel said...

I fully agree! But I can't vote :P

Emilyn J Clover said...

I found the debate funny in parts. It made me laugh, seeing Obama nearly speechless.
We got it on tape and I took notes so that I could remember what the debate was about. Since I have been learning more about economics and socialism and capitalism for school this year, I could understand the debate much better. Our family and most if not all the people I know are voting for Mr. Romney, but then again we're in one of the states that he "won" in the primary election, so that might not be saying much.

Morgan Dionara said...

Amen! Now if only Romney wasn't Mormon(not to insult you if you're Mormon, but those aren't my beliefs & I like having people share my beliefs). I agree with Taisia, if only I could vote!

Emileigh Latham said...

Great points! Hoping to go and vote this year.

Caleb Painter said...

Go Mitt!!! Wow I haven't kept up with the politics like I should've but from what I saw on the debate, he would be GREAT for the job.

From the Author's Inkpot said...

I only watched an hour of the debate, but I definitely agree. Obama rarely answered Romney's questions (or arguments) and Obama didn't have much of a plan (other than the one he said he was going to do in the last four years, which didn't really work).

Anonymous said...

Why are you blaming one man for all your nation's problems? Isn't the United States of America a democracy where authority comes from the people? Maybe you should stop making the "one man" the scapegoat and start taking responsibility for your own country. I'm not for either candidate and, the way I see it, no matter who wins the election, they are going to have a huge mess to clean up. There's absolutely no way it can be fixed in four years. So by the next election, no one will be completely satisfied with the president anyway. The blame will just keep getting passed along.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Mormon but I have friends who are and just because we have different beliefs doesn't keep us from being friends.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Anonymous, thanks for posting, but I think you've got some presuppositions to get over. I'm not blaming Obama for my nation's problems. I am however hoping to have the best leader possible. And when a sitting president does not show great leadership and does not show marked improvement in much of anything, it is time for a change. And actually, I would argue that a lot of things can be changed massively in four years. That is a lot of time. Obviously the US Government believes that 4 years is enough to make a judgment call because we have presidential elections every four years. The President certainly isn't to blame for everything. But he must lead and lead well for others to follow and follow well. He hasn't. So let's try someone new.

Anonymous said...

Sir Batson,
Thank you so much for posting the truth!

The Allebian Knight said...

All you said in this comment was, "Obama hasn't done anything for the last 4 years." You are wrong. You can look at stats at inauguration day and stats now, and you can quite easily say that things are worse.
But when you look at stats from 2 years ago, that changes everything.
This whole economic oppression started with George Bush putting 2 wars on a credit card - there was no way to pay for them, and though he said they were in retribution for the 9/11 attacks, it was quite obvious he was looking for an excuse to get oil. But, that is besides the point. The economy was plummeting when Obama took office. Prices were skyrocketing, the deficit was drastically increasing. That wasn't Obama's fault, and there was nothing he could do in less than 2 years to stop that. But after two years, things started to get better, mainly because Obama pulled us out of 2 wars that we really did not need to be in. So are things great now? No. But they are improving, and having Romney repeal every single thing Obama has done to make things so will be bad for this country.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, TAK, thanks for commenting. While I respect your right to disagree, I'm not certain you read my post very carefully. This isn't about Obama not doing ANYTHING in four years. But he hasn't done enough. My point is that the office of President is too important to take a "wait and see" approach. I'll repeat: if a sitting President does not make marked improvements during his first 4 years, he doesn't deserve more time. You say things are improving, but not much. Well, sorry, but America deserves better. Through his tenure as President and in his debates, Obama has shown to be unprepared, arrogant, and largely overmatched. In addition, and in my book more importantly, Obama claims to be a Christian and yet pays more homage to Muslim causes than he does for Christian. He supports abortion and gay marriage. He's all over the place morally. I cannot in good conscience endorse Obama. Romney may not be great, but he will almost certainly be better. And at least, he will champion Supreme Court candidates and moral issues that are God-honoring.

The Allebian Knight said...

Thank you for your reply, Sir Batson.
You say he hasn't done much? That's really not so true. Well, depending on your viewpoint. He could've done so much more if Congress had worked together, or if he had a super majority. But you also say he has been standing back. This is just wrong. He has worked so hard for the last four years to get this country up and back running. It is slowly getting back to where it was. It is not quite yet, but it is getting there and it takes TIME. If Romney is elected, he will just repeal every single little thing Obama has done, and that will send us back to where we were.
You say that good Christians are anti-gay. This seems kind of contradictory, as you are also supposed to support love, forgiveness, and total acceptance of others, regardless of who they are. As the Bible was supposedly written/influenced by God's Hand, does that not imply that he is all loving, forgiving, and accepting?
I know so many gay and lesbian people, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They are not amoral, they are not unbiological, and they are most certainly not bad or unhealthy people (This is compared to heterosexuals; I'm not saying that all gays and lesbians are healthy or good people :P)