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Monday, October 01, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

You know, this time of year is starting to feel like Christmas to me. No, not because Walmart and Kohls put out their Christmas decorations in the middle of SEPTEMBER! I mean, really?

But for an author, anytime a new book comes out, it's Christmas all over again. So this Fall, I am absolutely going crazy with fun and gratitude. Why? Well because so many of my books and stories are coming out all at once!

Check out the new stuff, and Happy Reading!

1) Berinfell Prophecies Book 3: The Tide of Unmaking
Christopher Hopper and I, at long last, release our final Berinfell book. It was such a joy to write together and create this series.  It's a shame we had to blow up half the world, but hey, the story gets what the story wants.

2) Imagination Station Book 8: The Battle for Cannibal Isle
This is my first book with Focus on the Family. And I must confess that it was kind of a "training wheels" experiment for me. Focus Author, Marianne Herring, was awesome helping me learn the ropes of writing for this markedly different age group. She wrote most of the book, but I kept a busy hand involved. I have another book in the series coming soon. If you have 1st thru 4th graders, maybe give this one a try!

3) Skeleton Project: Fright Pack #1
The first four Skeleton Project stories are out, so I wanted to publish them all together and give you a break on the price. You get all four stories for $2.99, saving you about $2.00. Plus, there's a super secret sneak preview included. A future novel that my students promised to hunt me down and kill me if I didn't write it. It's called "Unnatural."  Enjoy!

As always, thank you for being faithful readers. I know I've still much to learn about the craft. And I know there are ten thousand writers out there with ten times my talent, but have not yet had a chance to publish. I am everlastingly grateful…honored, and humbled by the gift. God is good. My readers are too. 

Please keep those Amazon reviews coming! And spread the word to any fiction readers you know! Thank you!

Never alone.
-Wayne Thomas Batson


Bethany said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you're having such a great "Christmas" feeling! May it continue. Can't wait to read Tide of Unmaking!

Anonymous said...

You. Are. Amazing!

Pfft on those other writers with supposedly ten times the writing abilites you have - your books are consistantly clean and I don't have to worry about language or anything like that. Being a writer myself, my goal is that hopefully, maybe, possibly some day my books will be almost as good as yours.

Your books are practically the only books I buy without pre-reading, and I keep re-reading them and loaning them out even after the covers are not the prettiest. : ) I'm re-reading the first two Berinfell Prophecies book before I read the third one (that is literally burning a hole on my shelf... it looks so amazing!) and I'm constantly reminded of how awesome they are!

Thank you so much for everything you do!!


Memzie said...

Very exciting!! No wonder if feels like Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You are an awesome author! I'm currently loving the Berinfel three and soon I will be getting the third and fourth skeleton project.