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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Poem...

As some of you already know, I got my creative writing start as a 6th grader. I wrote a scary story for a contest and won a chocolate cat. Mmmm...and a writer was born. But what you may not know is that my first creative passion came in the form of poetry. In high school, I constantly found myself feeling all manor of extreme emotions. Poetry became an outlet. I still love to write poetry and song lyrics. Here's my most recent poem.

So Many Ships

So many ships set sail.
In the beginning, strong
ships, sturdy
ships, and proud.

Their tall masts
like stiff necks, spurn
the shores, break
free from port, and wander
out into a vast
and churning

So many ships.
Uncountable sails
of every color,
every type, a mighty
force, but the sea
is bigger still.

In the middle
of a wide and featureless
sea, far away
from the horizon,
the ships are tossed
about by rolling
waves. No rudder,
no ship’s wheel, but wide, wide sails
to catch each breath, each gust, each gail.
And spare sails below
deck for when the first ones tear.

So many ships sail a zig-zagging
careening path
but always into the storm.
Always fearing, never steering,
these ships go on the whim
of wind or wave. The current takes them,
and they barely resist.

Suddenly, a few
ships, a tiny remnant, break
away from the leery
crowd and race
toward the Sun.
These few ships, outcasts
all, with their closed
cabins, leaning
masts, and tiny
sails are no longer slaves,
no longer Captain—less.

But the other ships, so many ships
sail on, now refusing
to change course. Sails tattered,
decks and masts creaking
In the end, as night falls,
there are stars. They shine,
they guide, they beckon,
but the ships ignore
the call. They sail aimlessly
on. And the horizon is close.

Perilously close.

by Wayne Thomas Batson


S. J. Deal said...

Good job on the poem. :D I like it.

I started with poetry also, writing for this website:

My stuff can be found here.

Roheryn said...

Ooh! me likey!

I don't usually post my stuff...
I'm too picky of my writing.
but I have to share during my creative writing class...

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

I love the sea and sea-faring. Loved it!

HannahShoop said...

That was really cool! The part about sailing toward the sun reminded me of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader :)
Will this one appear in one of your next books??

Anonymous said...

happy writing in 2008

Arysta said...

A wonderful poem Mr. Batson! I really, really like it. Seems like the ships are symbolic of something. Was it meant to be symbolic? It was awesome anyways. Please, if you have anymore poems, please post them also.

Shelby Marie said...

Love the poem. I agree with arysta---It sounds symbolic. Is it? Pray, tell!

lenore said...

Yes, I agree, I sense some symbolism in that poem! I love poetry, probably because my name come from one. Excellent work!

Nabe said...

Hey man! Just thought I'd say hi and that I liked the poem. Just picked up your books about a month ago and breezed through all of them. AMAZING STUFF! I even did a little advertising for you on my website. (www.clearliquidministries) I don't get a bunch of traffic, but those that I get are usually in the highschool college range. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for more!
Peace of Christ to You,
Noble Hower

WayneThomasBatson said...

THANKS, SJ...I checked out your stuff. Love the Elves, Dwarves, and Hot Chocolate!

Ro, I understand what you mean, but what good is a lamp if you hide it under a basket? Share your good stuff with the world!

Thanks, Flinn! And Hannah, I don't think we'll be seeing this poem in any of my fiction.

Arysta, Shelby, Lenore you are very right. The whole poem is symbolic--though not necessarily well done symbolism. It's kind of a multilayer thing. In one sense we're all ships sailing out into the world, but so often we are directionless and just going through the motions. We forget to really live. We neglect to really love. And most of all, so many people try to captain their own ships and miss out on the One who can deliver us through any storm.

Hey, Nabe, thanks for the cool write-ups on DW and IOS! I checked out your site. Very cool. You in a band? Is that the name ClearLiquidMinisty?

Justin B. said...

I write a lot of poetry. Like Roheryn , I do not like to show mine. As I use it as a means of expressing my emotions in a symbolic way. My poetry is dark and rather emo, lol! I love this poem and the message it potrays, great job!

indina-took-of-mithegard said...

I also do not like to show my writing bacause I think the critisizm I give it is what all the other people that read it give it. I have never been in love with anything I write; it all sounds too little kiddy to me. Do any tallented writers have any suggestions? PLEASE share.