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Thursday, July 04, 2013

GHOST is avaiable TODAY! and...A GHOST-ly Proposition! Storming Amazon!

My newest novel, GHOST releases TODAY: July 4th, 2013. This marks my first solo effort away from traditional publishing, meaning: in an effort to better support my family, I've decided to do this whole book from scratch. Doing it that way requires a lot of overhead costs: cover design, interior design, editing, proofreading, advertising, etc. That said, the potential earning power on Amazon Kindle is 6-7 times what I might hope to earn with a traditional publisher. 

But, the do-it-yourself approach has risks of its own. There's no automatic shelf space, no automatic catalog ads, no publisher buzz. So, in an effort to land GHOST with a huge splash, I'm looking for book-patron-warriors: folks who love good fiction with a pure message; folks who want to see more indy writers succeed; and folks who just want more of a good thing.

Purchase GHOST on Kindle this July 4th at $3.99, and I will put your name (or name of your choice) in a special GHOST Patrons section in the Print Version of GHOST, due out later this summer. The reason I say "or name of your choice," is that some of you might wish to honor someone else or use a screen name. Whatever name you wish. Your chosen name will appear in the first edition of the first GHOST book of what will, hopefully, be a long running series.

If you purchase GHOST for Kindle on July 4th, email me at: batguy21784(at)yahoo(dot)com

Put GHOST PATRON in the subject line. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough for helping this dream come true. 

Reminder Note: GHOST is thriller fiction intended for ages 16+.

More about the novel below the cover image:

About the Story: Ghost fits into the genre of Supernatural Thriller, in the same vein as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, the X-Files, Nightstalker, etc. But, it's also very much a Detective Thriller in the vein of "Lone Wolf" murder mysteries like Lee Child, Brad Thor, and Stephen Hunter.

For my younger readers, please note that this is a story for older readers. At the very least, age 16+ Why? It won't be for sex and bad language––that's a promise. And it won't be for gratuitous violence either. I'd say the violence and bloodshed would be on par with my pirate books.

So why the audience designation?
Two reasons: these books will deal with the criminal element, and while there will be no explicit scenes, there will be topics that will disturb younger readers. Ghost is a special sort of investigator who will go after the worst of the worst criminals, the ones no one else can or will catch. These are villains who have literally been getting away with murder...or worse. Another reason for the change in reading audience is that these books will be on a whole new level of intensity. Seriously. We're talking, white-knuckle, pit of your stomach, fear. There's a point to it all as well, and hopefully a message of hope.

Want a sneak preview chapter of GHOST? Click HERE:

So, mark your calendars.

GHOST will release on July 4th, 2013 for Amazon Kindle. 

Don't have a Kindle, but still want GHOST? No worries, they have Kindle apps for just about any electronic device you have. The paperback version of GHOST will come out later in the summer because formatting for print is a time-consuming beast. If you've been a faithful reader and want to support my writing efforts, please consider getting both as it will really help the Amazon sales numbers in both categories.  GHOST for Kindle will only be $3.99!

Thank you for being fantastic readers and for following my books from Door Within to Dark Sea and now beyond!

PS: Here's a sneak peek at the cover for GHOST, Book 2: Minister of Fire!


Tracey Dyck said...

Sweetness! So if I don't have a Kindle, I can still read it on my computer, right? Does it cost anything to get a Kindle app?

WayneThomasBatson said...

@Michelle: absolutely! Kindle apps are free, and there are tons of them for just about every format imaginable. Thanks!

Tracey Dyck said...

@Mr. Batson: Okay, thanks! I'm looking forward to reading GHOST. :)

CNGoodhue said...

This looks like awesomeness! I can't wait for it to come out in paperback! :D

A Random Elf said...

WOW! This is SO perfect! I'm just turning 16! Thanks Sir Batson! May your sales ever be high and your profits hefty! Tomorrow I set out for pit-of-my-stomach fear.
P.S. Not to push this incredible-ness, but I can hardly wait for Dark Sea 3 to come out! Especially since you posted that excerpt a while back.