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Friday, January 01, 2010

What did 2009 Bring? Remember this?

Happy New Year! Do you remember this? Last year, I posted the challenge below. It's officially next year now. So I'm wondering how you all did? No resolutions really, just prayerful goals. I'll go first--that way you can all feel better if you blew it. ;-)

------Last year's post below:----------------------------------

Happy New Year! Whether you're a regular to EnterTheDoorWithin, a lurker, or a visitor, I hope the new year brings you all God's blessings.

Funny thing this year, when the ball dropped signaling the END of 2008, I actually felt a wave of relief wash over me. It was a tangible, visceral thing. When the last second of 2008 was gone and the promise of all things new in 2009 arrived, it felt pretty good.

Truth is, 2008 was a tough year for me. It was a tough year for a lot of people I love very much. Don't get me wrong. God has blessed me exceedingly. I'm alive. I have a lovely wife and four special children. We're all relatively healthy. I have dear friends, many of whom would run through a wall for me and I for them. I have two terrific jobs: I love to teach and I love to write. But still, it was a tough year. For Christians, however, we know that God is a redeemer, meaning that He can take any situation--even the worst--and bring good from it. I've already seen Him doing it in my own life and in the lives of friends and family.

All this to lead into an interesting activity my brother-in-law did at the New Year's party I attended. He gave everyone a slip of paper, told us to write our name on it, and then write down some goals and/or predictions for the coming year. The goal being that we'd seal all the papers from all the party attendees in an envelope and open it next year to see how things turned out.

That really got me thinking. A lot can happen in a year. So, I'd like to modify the activity for all you who visit here. Post a comment to this thread. Use your user name or real, whatever you will remember you used when you look back a year from now. In your comment, write any of three things:

1. Something difficult from 2008 that you pray God would redeem.
2. A prediction--something you think will happen over the coming year.
3. A goal; something you'd like to achieve.

You can write as many or as few as you'd like.

Then, next year, I will RE-POST the thread so we can all see how the year went. It's my hope that we will be able to Praise God for many things, and that maybe anyone who reads will think to pray for the others and their needs.

Mine will be the first comment. And again, I wish you the very best for 2009. Never alone.


WayneThomasBatson said...

I would like to see God continue to redeem my struggle with anxiety, bringing me closer and closer to Him.

I predict I will lose 50 pounds over the course of the year.

A goal would be to work hard with Christopher Hopper to make the Berinfell Prophecy book hit #1 on the CBA Young Adult Bestseller List.

NoahR said...

I would like to see God redeem our nation in this time of trouble.

I predict I will lose 20 pounds

My goal would be to work hard through the year in times of trials

ElizabethOfMena said...

I would like to see God help me and my family through this trying time, and help us grow in our faith and trust in him.

My goal is to finish writing at least one book, and to get it published. Also to grow firmer in my faith of Christ and to make him the most important priority of my life.

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

1. Something difficult from 2008 that you pray God would redeem.

I pray that God will really start showing me the direction my life is going to take. There are a lot of decisions that I shall have to make pretty soon about life, and I would like to let Him be my Pathfinder: leading the way.

2. A prediction--something you think will happen over the coming year.

I think I want to be in at least 5 productions: be it play or film.

3. A goal; something you'd like to achieve.

I would like to finish my LOTR fanfic, and get at least half-way through my actual book! Also, I would like to finish reading the Bible the whole way through.

Ryan P. Howard said...

Happy New Year Wayne Thomas Batson! I hope and pray this year will bring much joy to you and your family.

1.Something difficult from 2008 that you pray God would redeem.
I pray for God to bring beauty from the pain of the death of my cousin Brittany Rakosky. I pray for her mom( my Aunt Kim) to have peace, hope, and faith! My king, I pray for her to walk out of darkness and into you glorious light. Please give her strength and courage to do it.

2.A prediction--something you think will happen over the coming year.
I predict this year to be a year of celebrations. One being my sister graduating from High School(:

3.A goal; something you'd like to achieve.
My goals for this year are:
(1) I would LOVE to read the whole Bible! Sure I’ve read a lot of it, but to have read every book, chapter, and verse, that would be awesome!
(2) I hope to finish my book and long time dream, The Realm of Hearts. ( this has been on my New Year goal list for the last three years... so wish me luck! lol)
(3) To pass my RDA (Registered Dental Assistant) test.
(4)To get my driver license and to have no fear over it. ( When I was fifteen I was hit, head on, by a drink driver, over 50mph. Nobody by the grace of God was seriously injured, but the fear of what can happen has never left me. August seventh of last year my beautiful cousin was killed from a tragic car accident.) Please pray for me to have courage to overcome my fear. This is going to be a very hard goal for me to complete!

James Somers said...

I would like to see more visitors in our church and more souls coming to Christ...I would like to see my one or both of the manuscripts I have on submission contract for publication with their respective series novels.

I predict more trouble in the middle east...and that we'll have less "change" in politics than some hoped by the election.

A goal would simply be to do my best to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in the Pastoral work and in general to glorify him in my heart and before others.

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

I would like to see God help myself and those I know to walk closer with him, and to help mend hurt hearts. Also, that he would give my family strength and love for our new addition to the family.

I predict I will finish a book I've been writing.

My goal would be to concentrate on school and music lessons, but most importantly keep my eyes on my Savior at all times. I would like to really delve into the Scriptures this year. Another goal is that I would make what I'm writing not to be something to edify myself, but to glorify God.


Anonymous said...

My goal is to make it through the rest of Highschool and be a part of a film.


L.B. said...

I would like to rediscover my passion and enjoyment for teaching, like my brother WTB.

I predict a slimmed-down WTB & Sir Christopher will have a successful 2009!

My personal goal, as long as there is a weight-loss theme here, would be to get down to a healthier weight while also figuring out a clear vision and direction for my next writing project. May God show me in 2009 what book is next, and which agent/publisher to pursue!

(Uh oh, I'm going on the record, Wayne, now I'd better be lighter and on track a year from now. :)


BookRyder said...

I like God to redeem me. I want Him to be Lord of my life. I'm tired of the reigns. I want to give Him my all and then for Him to become my all.

I can't predict anything. I can't even begin to imagine what this year will bring.

I don't like making goals, because I'm not very effective in keeping them. I guess my goal would be to be who God wants me to be and for Him to use me. I want to completely fall in love with Him and never turn back.

FroggyGirl25 said...

Happy New Year Wayne Thomas Batson! (just a bit late). Thanks for writing your 'The Door Within' books. They have helped me start to reach one of my goals for this year; learning to cry. :-)

This year I plan to:

1. Start a girls bible study group.
2. Learn to cry. (already started)
3. Finish the first draft of my book.

God bless!

kelenloth said...

1. I pray God would redeem me from my lack of activity; that He would help me be active for Him in this coming year, and really act, instead of dreaming of it.

2. I predict that I will go on my first real mission trip this year

3. A goal of mine would correspond with my redemption: to get up and act. in a big way or a small one. Also, to start some of my first real original fiction story.

firephoenix said...

I pray that God would help me be a real Christian who shines, not a hypocrite.

I predict that my family will grow closer this year, because of some looming uncertainty in our lives right now.

My goal is to actually start really writing the book idea I've had floating around in my head for about 3 years, and possible finish at least the first draft.


Mandee Widrick said...

I clicked your link from Christopher's site (he is my youth pastor :) ) and thought I'd join in on the comments.

1) I pray God would help me in the area of patience and teach me how to respond in a righteous manner to those who come against seems to be an area of my life that I struggled with often in 2008.

2) I believe that this is a year of new experiences for me. I am already seeing things unfold that I've been praying for for a long while. Oh, and while this may sound unusual, I have to say that I'm looking forward to breeding my horse this spring for the first time. The thought of having a little horse running around just puts a smile from ear to ear on my face!

3) Goals...where should I start? I guess my first and foremost goal would be to finish my first book that I feel so heavily inclined to write, and get it published. In addition to that, I am also striving towards a successful year for Bit & Bridle magazine. (Check out the link on my page.)

I looked forward to reading more of your blog!! I've seen you comment on Christopher's site many times before but never really checked your's out.

Best wishes and BLESSINGS for the 2009!!


Kayla said...

I would like to see God redeem my willingness to serve Him when the situation doesn't suit me.

I predict that God is going to blow away my summer in a way I never thought possible.

A goal of mine would be to willingly follow God wherever he calls me.

Kiki B said...

I hope to finish reading Wayne's The Door within trilogy, and see what else he has come out with..I'm a very big reader, its one of my best hobbies..Im in the middle of book 2 of the door within trilogy and lovving it! I alos found an interview of wanes and it asked who he would want to play as who...I have to agree with you on who should play Captain Valithor, Sean Connery would be perfect for that role.. I also have a reading list, your 3 are on top im happy to say, I am addicted to the door within and trying to see what else your coming out with!

Never Alone!


nightdragon said...

Well, my thing I am asking for redemption in is my baby cousin's heart. Almost immediately after birth, he had to have open heart surgery. He was also born a month early, which has made recovering from his surgery very hard. He was born in October, and is still in the CTICU. The hospital is not in my Aunt and Uncle's town, and they have three other kids.

I predict that that side of the family will become very close to each other in the coming year.

My goal is to actually finish the first draft of a story.

Charrend said...

I would like to see God work in my nonChristian, atheist friend, and that my friends and I could have an impact on Bratislava, SK, where we live, and on the nonChristian British school here

Anonymous said...

1) I would ask the Father to help me with my attitude towards my parents and siblings so I can have a closer relationship with them.

2) I predict I will get to be in a play...hopefully! And that something really awesome will happen. And that we will move to the perfect house for us.

3) I really want to develop and finish my story this year. Really bad!!

~ queenofnarnia (Madeline)

Justin B. said...

One of the main problems which plagued me over the past year which I would like God to redeem and thus utilize my struggles in order to strengthen my faith in him is my inability to accept my intrinsic self identity which God ingeniously crafted and to help aid in salving my erratic mood swings, attributed to my Bipolar Disorder. During my bouts of manic depression/panic attacks; hopefully I'll be immediate in my response to my ailing mind and remind myself God loves me. Another thing in which I hope to improve upon includes my ability to befriend others since I tend to neglect others and their unconditional love for me especially during some of my toils with anxiety and depressive rumination that exhausts my vitality.

I predict I'll mature in a stronger person whose able to use their experience to help others. In addition; I vie to continue to love others unconditionally.

By year's end, I hope to prove to those of the Christian faith that vampires can express our fallibility as mortals and the continuous strife between our passions and our humanity.. In simplistic terms, I'm hoping to complete the first draft of my Christian Vampire story "Blase" before year's end. Hopefully by frequently replaying either Evanescence,Within Temptation, or Red, I'll be able to gather inspiration for my story and fodder for the internal struggle of the main protagonist (vampire with a soul) Val.

Justin B. said...

*as a stronger person

WayneThomasBatson said...

Wow, Justin, that was powerful. I pray that God would indeed redeem your brokenness. And you know, it's funny, but I've not been too hip on the Christian Vampire concept...which is odd because I write fantasy. But in your case, I suspect there's some genius at work. You spoke so candidly about your struggles to love and be loved--you are dealing with difficult extremes on very opposite ends of a spectrum. There are many Christians who suffer with anxiety or depression or other maladies who share the catch 22 you're in. The whole vampire story could be a cool analogy to that struggle. In fact, given that we Christians struggle with the flesh, a vampire story could totally illustrate that. Hmmm...

WayneThomasBatson said...

Welcome in 2010! Mixed results for me.

1st: Praise God for definitely redeeming my struggle with anxiety. It's not gone, but I understand it better. And while I'm not sure I know God much better than last year, I think I'm more desperate for Him.

2nd: Weight. Not so good. I'm actually in need of losing 70 pounds now. I've literally eaten my way through the holidays. I could use prayer on this. I'm going to be working with a personal trainer and changing a lot of eating habits. Food for the stomach, not stomach for the food.

3rd: CH and I did work hard to market Spider King. It seems like it's selling well, and the reviews are super strong. But the book has yet to appear on the CBA bestseller list. Hmmm....not sure what to make of that. Time to wait on God. I don't need to be a bestseller so long as His work gets done.

How about the rest of you?

Kayla said...

Looking back, I feel almost like I cheated because I used so many vague statements.

1. Still working on being willing wherever God puts me.

2. My summer was definitely blown away in ways I never suspected. The fact that I was in Montana at a Bible Camp instead of China(where I originally thought I as going to be) was huge. Adding to that a staff who I've made great friendships and struggles I had never seen made it awesome.

3. This was a good success. Going to Montana in the summer and now looking ahead towards Hong Kong this summer.

God was good this last year. I can't wait to see what he's going to do next year.

Ariel said...

I would like to know God and figure out what His plan is for my life. I'm so hopelessly lost right now. I don't know what to think about anyone, especially a certain family member that I'm struggling with. I'm scared about some things, and confused about others. I know my problem is that I'M trying to figure it out, when I should just surrender, but it's really hard.

I'm praying that God would reach my father and little brother because I am terrified of the path they're walking on right now.

I'm praying that God would reach either me or my classmates, and help me try to understand why people act the way they do sometimes, and to love everyone no matter what they are doing or have done.

Also, Justin B., and everyone else who has posted, please know that I'm praying for you and hope you have an awesome year!

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

Like many people who frequant this blog, my dream is to write a book and get it published. I have started writing a book. Amoung other things, I did very detailed character studies. One of the characters has an extreme irrational phobia.
Late in 2009 I caught the swine flu. A very strange case of it. I had all the normal symptoms, and an extra.
I have a habit of reading before bed. The first night U had the flu, I fell asleep with a book in hand. (It was The Door Within, as a matter of fact) I woke up again at two AM. And thought every word I read was utter truth. And had a temporary case of insanity - an extreme irrational phobia that some knight was going to come and kill me.
I had panic attacks every night while I had the flu. I had experienced the very thing I had planned to write about.
This was no coincidence, I'm sure. God must have had a hand in it. Now I wonder, is this a sign that I should write this book, or a warning that I shouldn't? So my goal for 2010 is to learn more about God and His ways so I can understand this.

Anonymous said...

WOW Barie, that is strange.

I want to see God help me in a daily fellowship with him.

I want to finish editing White Fog

I predict that we will be seeing a lot of change in politics, but not the kind that Obama said.

The Writer said...

My goal is to finish the first draft of the book I'm writing.

Anonymous said...

This has no relevence to this post, but I had a dream that WTB wrote five books in a series and sold them all in a box set, I was about to get them, but then mom said no. I was so mad. It ended up that me and WTB cowrote the series.
Weird huh,


~*Flinn*~ said...

1. Something difficult from 2008 that you pray God would redeem.

~*2008*~ I pray that God will really start showing me the direction my life is going to take. There are a lot of decisions that I shall have to make pretty soon about life, and I would like to let Him be my Pathfinder: leading the way.

Result: God has led me in a totally new direction. Acting is still an extremely fun passtime, but a series of fortunate and unfortunate events has brought my ever wandering feet to a new path...and upon this road I hear from somewhere nearby the sound of hoofbeats and the jangle of metal. Perhaps a Knight in Shining Armor?

2. A prediction--something you think will happen over the coming year.

~*2008*~I think I want to be in at least 5 productions: be it play or film.

Result: I have been in one large play production, and have auditioned for the remake of True Grit.

3. A goal; something you'd like to achieve.

~*2008*~ I would like to finish my LOTR fanfic, and get at least half-way through my actual book! Also, I would like to finish reading the Bible the whole way through.

Result: I am in 2 Corinthians, so I almost made it! As far as my LOTR fanfic, it still needs finishing. My book, however, has taken a completely new twist. Hopefully I can begin working on this new and better idea soon.

For 2010...

1. I pray that God will give me patience and a spirit of selflessness.

2. I predict that by the end of this year, I will be on the road to courting a true a Knight of the King.

3. My goal: to reach my full potential and them some in sword fighting. To keep my heart focused on my King. To live, love, forgive, and never give up.