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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tribebuilding Contest…EXTENDED!

After a request from a number of readers and a discussion with Sir Christopher, we have decided to extend the Curse of the Spider King Tribe Building Contest! We have 5 very active tribes and one more about to go active. The new deadline for all Contest Activities is:

March 1st, 2010 


Nathan R. Petrie said...

hmmm can't decide if this is good for me or not ::laughs:: Oh well...Silvertree will still smoke 'em lol

thelastolympian said...

Oh goody. I couldn't see how this would be exciting before new years. Any chance you can post the standings for the tribes right now?

Millardthemk said...

Almost a birthday end :D

Evergreena said...


Leighton said...


Mr. Batson, I can't tell you HOW happy you have made me. Whew. Sorry for the gap in vid updates. I was sick. >_>

Now we have time to do the vid right and not be rushed. I'm also trying to release an album right now. :)

*crosses wrists*

Endurance and Victory,

- Leighton

Chris said...

Yep Keeneye, Silvertree forever!

Silver Angel said...

ah, yes! thank you WTB... now i have more time to get the tribe members to do stuff >_>

hhhmmm... i am just going to throw Shadowtears name out there xD

GO Tribe Shadowtear! lol