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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Motiv8: Meet the Author #1 is Up!

Hi, all. The first "Meet the Author" segment is up on the Fantasy Fiction Tour Site. And guess you was picked to go first...

Click Here to Find Out.


Araken said...

1st to comment! Anywho, that is sweet; I like you answer to the question about Christian fiction!

Christian_Fantasy_Adict said...

I wish we had english classes like that... =)

I like the picture of you in the pirate costume, by the way.

Awesomeful post, Mr. Batson!

Anonymous said...

What, no writing for 2 days? C'mon U CAN DO IT!

Daniel said...

I read your interview, Wayne. On the bit about "Youth fiction" and adult readers, I have to say I think your books are excellent - and I am all of 38 years. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!

***Flinn-fan-of-the-Twins*** said...

Really neat! The Hobbit was one of the major stories that started me on the road to fantasy. That and LOTR. Love the Pirate hat btw. lol

Katie G. said...

Hey! You haven't been writting lately? Come on! You can TOTALLY do it! All you have to do is think: "Hey, I'm Wayne Thomas Batson! One of the most great Chrstian Fantasy Authors in the World!" Either that or you could think : " C.S. Lewis, C.S. Lewis, C.S. Lewis, C.S. Lewis..."

Which ever!

Christian_Fantasy_Adict said...

He has been. He's just on vacation away from internet service.

Katie G. said...

Oh, I see. Oh well! ;)

Elliot Reed said...

Hey, how about another 400 words out on that counter? I used to write a Tip of the Day every day, each one in the middle of school, and they were always between 300-500 words. Just remember that it's readers like us who make it easier!


Paris said...

Just as C. S. Lewis once said..

"There is no Christian way to write a book as there is no Christian way to cook an egg"

That was from memory so correct me if I was wrong!

fire phoenix said...

Right then.

Christian_Fantasy_Adict said...

He has been writing. He's just on vacation away from internet right now.

Anonymous said...

Keep on Writing Mr. Batson! And guess what I just learned today... My Mom will be teaching your daughter in second grade at St. Stephens, in Eldersburg! Small World isn't it.

fire phoenix said...

Yus...I guess I'm going a little crazy waiting for some new awesome literature to come out.

Elliot Reed said...

Well, I suppose that vacation is a reason for no internet (everybody needs a break now and again!). Still, we're here to keep encouraging you. Hope you have a great time on your vacation!


Shyeloh said...

That was a really good interview. I like what you said about not wanting your books to only be found in Religious Fiction. And I nearly died when you started talking about your musical interests. I like Yo Yo Ma too.

RICE said...

Here's a little something I wrote one day:

Limping from her last beating, she slowly made her way to the sink. Her arm sore, she had bruises covering her frail body, her face was devoured from a nasty black eye, her mouth gaping with cuts around it, and a large purple hickey reached around her right elbow about three inches in diameter.
The Jewish Star tattoo on her neckbone remained centered between the vast bruises and cuts surrounding it. She turned a knob. A narrow stream of frigid water poured out the faucet. The water was only to be used for kitchen duties like washing dishes, preparing food, and other jobs, but right now the
guards who were supposed to be monitoring her were outside the door screaming, dancing, and falling off their chairs, and seemed to be entirely alchohol. She took a battered cloth and drenched it. She then began to wash the wound from standing too close to a drunk man.
She groaned at the throbbing pain. Water wasn't supposed to hurt, but when the cloth used to cleanse the wounds were drenched in as much blood as the wound itself was, and other bacteria developed there, it escruciated. She rubbed the wet cloth into her skin.
It felt a little better, but it was still painful. She hoped she wouldn't get an infection, for many had. She ached so much, but managed to limp up the unmaintenced stairs.
She made her way to the small cot at the end of the floor. The young girl collapsed onto the cot, trying to heal. Either a tear or a drop of blood, she never knew which, trickled across her face. She layed silently as she heard the laughter, and cheers, and clinking of glasses outside the room.
She closed her eyes and remembered the day when the German officer asked her if she was a Jew. She didn't understand him properly, and asked an eldered woman next to her. This older woman had a hearing disorder and told her they asked if she was new.
The young girl thought what this might mean. Was she new to the town? Well, yes, actually she was. She just moved in. She nodded her head and the officer told her to get onto the train. She walked in, confused. It wasn't until later that she realized he had asked her if she was a Jew,
but by then it was too late. She was getting beated every day, and she was not even Jewish. She began to cry again, and this time she knew they were tears and not blood. She dropped her head in her hands and weeped. She cried for the longest time.
I am not Jewish! I am not Jewsish! I am simply a fellow Baptist!, she sobbed.
She wiped away her tears and clamped her hands together.
"Lord of Lords, and Prince of Peace.
Please bless the Germans outside this door.
Bless them with knowledge of empathy. Guide them towards you, Lord.
Bless my fellow prison mates.

And, Lord, bless that elderly woman that was next to me. Bless her in so many ways, Lord. Bless her with hearing, Lord. Bless her with much food and drink. Bless her with you, Lord. Lead her closer to you, Lord Jesus.
Bless her with your scripture. May my life end before hers, Lord. May she live a long and pleasant life. In your name, Amen."

Five years had passed and much had changed. Flowers tickled the large stone from the gust of the wind.
A small body slowly moved towards the stone. She walked with a cane for she was very old. She stopped in front of the stone and read the engravement on it.

Here lies Jennice.
A victim of the holocaust,
yet not Jewish.
Killed from a spreaded infection shortly after freedom.

The woman removed her fur cap in respect, and sobbed, "May you be blessed with peace, for you have suffered much."
She sighed and added,
"God bless you child, for I have been saved."

Hope you like it! Any comments?
P.S: I'm one of your students. I was 11 when I wrote that.

Robynne said...

My daughter, Zoralei Boysen, age 9, had to brainstorm ideas for a paper in her writing assignment. She did not have to finish it, but this is what she wanted to say about The Door Within. I was proud of her insight and wanted to share it.

5 reasons to like book:

*It is an adventure story about another realm. You don’t know what is going to happen next.

*The death of Grampin though sad was actually okay. It was a step in the journey.

*It was neat to meet people in one place from the other place.

*How with courage and experience, people come to know the truth and many people are trying to help them.

*Reminds me a lot of our relationship with God.

Main Idea:

The Door Within is my favorite book because of the faith of the author. The author has so much faith and belief that he put into his book. He knows. He really knows his Heavenly Father is there.

A Supporting Paragraph:

A glimpse looks like we’re a sick in our minds. It is like our spirit. The author is strong in his Christianity. He even puts it in his book. The author is a man of truth. From this book, you would know he was a Christian. When Aidan went in between realms, he found himself having more and more faith. Faith helped Aidan to succeed. I think it was a smart decision for the author to put his Christian belief in the story.

Concluding idea:

Not all journeys in life use faith. Vacations or job training are examples. Aidan’s journey required faith for him to do it. He had to have faith in himself. He really had faith in King Eliam. He even had faith in the realm and in the fight of good verse evil. He also had faith in his friends. The author isn’t just telling us Aidan’s story. He is telling everyone they have a journey of faith. We are not born having faith, we have to learn to have it. We are like Aidan. Will you choose to believe?

WayneThomasBatson said...

I believe I met young Zoralei today. I wish I'd have read this post before that meeting. She is very insightful and intuitive. I am blessed that she was inspired as she read. God bless you both.

Never alone.