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Monday, May 12, 2014

Amazon Blitz Prizes on the Way Soon!

Hi, greatest readers in the known universe!

The Amazon Blitz was fantastic. Thank you all very much for all the support, whether you bought a book (or 3) or Tweeted or told your buddy on the bus, or threw up some prayers, I'm grateful.

Dreamtreaders went from @36,000th all the way to 1,933rd. That's more than a 34,000 place improvement. WHOA.

So, ladies and gents, I've got to get some prizes heading your way. I'm assembling the Prize Pack now and will be emailing them in the next day or two.

Here's what you can look forward to in your Inbox:

Prize Level Four: Dreamtreaders Reaches 2,000th on the sales rank. Here's what you get:
• Hi Rez Image files for Dreamtreaders and Search for the Shadow Key (Dreamtreaders 2)
• Inspiration Pack (Folder full of images and other goodies that inspired the Dreamtreaders Series)
• Dreamtreaders Proposal (A copy of the original book proposal I sent to the publisher)
• Scans of Author Artwork from Dreamtreaders
• Dream Inc. Logo for your blog
• Dreamtreaders Writing Prayers (Before many writing sessions, I write a prayer. These are those.)
• One original unpublished Batson short story.


Hannah said...

Congratulations! That is so amazing!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Mr. Batson,

Amazing job with the Dreamtreaders, everyone! But I wanted to ask something about Sword in the Stars.

I noticed in Chapter 41, Unexpected Insights, that the text before the chapter was written by a Li-Saide of Ot, which I recall is from Sir Christopher Hopper's White Lion Chronicles. After reading that, I was reminded that earlier in the book (I don't know which chapter), it said Shepard Fane or something of the like, similar to Fane of the Mosfar, as in the White Lion Chronicles. And even earlier in the book, I saw the name Allyra, (I may have misspelled that) which is the world in the Berinfel Prophecies (as you obviously know. :) ).

What exactly is this. Are you trying to connect worlds with Mr. Hopper? I know it was a long comment for just being curious, but whatever.

Thank you,

Drade Backblade

Megan said...

Initially, I had a little trouble opening the file, but once I did it was fantastic! Thank you so much for both this prize pack and the amazing book! Congratulations on the improvement in sales rank Sir Batson!

WayneThomasBatson said...

@Hannah: thank you! @ Drade: not just Mr. Hopper but all the fantasy authors I toured with that year. You'll find references to Donita K. Paul, Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis, LB Graham, Eric Reinhold, Jonathan Rogers, and more! lol @Megan: so stoked that the file opened and you could use it. Technology is great...when it works. lol Thanks for all the help with the Blitz.

Livvie Lisa said...

So happy! The book was amazing, and I'm so excited for 'The Search for the Shadow Key'! Great work!!

Great prizes too =D The 'Style Guide' was my favorite part of the pack!

I'm going to read (for the first time) 'The Dark Sea Annals: Sword in the Stars' next. Looks really good, and I had no idea it existed until recently!