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Sunday, May 25, 2014

life IS worth living!

I am deeply concerned for the tweens and teens of this generation. Social media and electronic affirmation has become WAY too powerful in your lives. Technology itself allows you access to information and imagery that no one needs to experience. I'm stunned by how many young people think about or perform self harm like cutting or even worse, suicide attempts. My generation had its problems but things like self harm and suicide NEVER crossed our minds, or rarely did (since I can't speak for all).

If any young person reads this, please take this and plunge it deep into your heart and mind: your life IS precious. No matter how bad it feels today, IT WILL NOT ALWAYS FEEL THIS WAY. It WILL get better!. Even if the whole world dumps on you and seems to despise you, God, maker of heaven and earth, loves you desperately. He dreamed you up out of nothing because He could not imagine His creation WITHOUT YOU IN IT. Every moment of your life is a new opportunity, a new adventure waiting for your first step. Jesus doesn't care what you've done or who posts about how horrible you are. He LOVES you enough to die for you. Jesus went to the cross to set you free. Can't make it through the month? Just lean on Jesus through the week. Can't make it through the week? Just lean on Jesus through the day. Can't make it through the day? Just lean on Jesus through the hour. 


Young adults, please understand, there are millions of people just like you, who have gone through tragedy, hellish conditions, depression, bullying, anxiety, eating disorders, destroyed self image, and everything else—and with God's power—have come out the other side to THRIVE in life. One of the scariest things about your life now is that you might believe that your current world hates you. But please understand your current world, as important as it is, is just a tiny drop of water in the ocean of life. Middle school is just one tiny room in a great big mansion. High School is a bigger world still, and yet, still small. College too will expand your world exponentially, and then THE WHOLE WORLD will open up for you. Trust me on this: that guy or girl you're pining away for, believing that he/she is the only one who will ever be just right for you—IS NOT THE ONE. There's a whole world of possible crushes out there. Seriously, and most of them are cuter, too.

God has thrown you the keys to life, and He wants to watch you explore His world. and LIVE. Don't listen to the lies of evil, telling you all kinds of negative things about yourself. YOU are the only ONE of YOU. And you are beautiful to God.


Emilyn J Clover said...

Thank you. *hug* Even though I don't struggle with self-harm or suicide, life can get pretty depressing now and then. And this is encouraging.

Never alone!

Casey J. Coburn said...

I beg to differ. It will always feel this way. Thank you for your post of encouragement though. I'm sure it will most undoubtedly help others.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Theodora, I have no idea how it feels to you now, but if there's one thing true of the human experience: it's full of change. The littlest variables can often bring about big changes: exercise, eating habits, sleep habits, time with friends, even the weather—can all change the way we feel over time. But more than that, body chemistry changes things. Speaking from personal experience with deep depression and based on the anecdotal evidence of dozens of personal friends and 100s of acquaintances, all of whom have experienced bouts of depression lasting anywhere from two months to six years, I can say with virtual certainty, it will NOT always feel the way it does now. Your picture makes you look young. If so, changes are even more inevitable. The important thing is not to give in to despair. Most importantly, the surety that God loves you dearly can be the anchor for your soul in stormy times. Never alone.

Livvie Lisa said...

Aha! I was trying to think of what my anchor might be if I were a Dreamtreader...and you reminded me it'd be God!
Duh ;)

Beautiful post, Sir. It's rather awful how millions of kids don't listen to their parents when they speak from EXPERIENCE. Yea, they were young, too, once upon a time. Everyone has (or has had) the same troubles.

Never alone. Never.

Casey J. Coburn said...

Mr. Batson - I'm 17 in July. And I suppose you're right, but... I'm just not sure. Thank you for your comment, sir.

Livvie Lisa said...

I should have added that He who went through the worst pain and suffering is the one who ultimately understands when we are troubled. He created our feelings.

J. L. Mbewe said...

I was a cutter, and I've been out of school for 16 years. Of course, I'm not from your generation, but I know some who were perhaps not cutters that I know of, but their choices reflected a sort of self-harm to deal with life and events that had happened to them. Without the hope of Jesus Christ, I would not be here today.

Livvie Lisa, some kids don't have parents who can speak into their lives.

Anonymous said...

The last week of school at my school, one of the juniors took his own life. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I may share it with some of my friends. Thank you for posting this. It's perfect.

Livvie Lisa said...

@Jennette Mbewe - That's why I commented a second time reminding myself (and others) that God knows. When nobody else understands, God does.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom. God loves each of us unconditionally. Praying for those who don't know that yet.

Thelmarie said...

Mr. Wayne, thanks for looking after us. You're like a sort of internet-father-figure to all of us, always pointing us to the Heavenly Father through your books and your blog. Your writing is so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you. <3 c: