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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kindle Story #2: Forget Me Not

Hi, again! Hope you've had a chance to give my new Kindle story The Skeleton Project a try. I've just published a new story called Forget Me Not. It's a story I've always been quite fond of because I cannot stand prejudices of any kind. Seriously, all that clique stuff in high school drove me nuts. As if people need to fabricate reasons to be mean to each other. Sheesh.

Anyway. Here's Forget Me Not on Kindle for just $1.29. Hope you like it. After reading, please consider posting a review on Amazon. Those reviews are HUGE.

PS: If you don't have a Kindle, remember you can still read Kindle stories on most devices using Amazon's free Apps. You can read on your PC or Mac, your Phone, or iPad. Cool! See link below.

Free Reading Apps From Amazon


Tasi said...

Ooh! Now I've got two new wonderful books to read! <3

Taisia said...

Tasi is actually had a little typing error :P

Megan said...

Sad day! I have no such devices or apps! Explodes from sadness.

Caleb Painter said...

Will this one become free in a few days???

(Maybe I'll wait a little bit)

Anonymous said...

I started reading this book adn its really good. And i want to get my friends to read it. And what you said about the clique stuff,(ikr!) to my 'best friend' that's pretty much her life, that and being better and prettier than everbody else. I'm going in search for a new best friend.