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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is Amazon doing? Tribe Quest Immediate Opportunity

Okay, so I get an email from a reader, telling me that Isle of Fire has reached #242 on Amazon's bestseller list. I'm thinking, well...pirates are cool, but...??? 242? That's the lowest any of my books have ever gotten on Amazon. What gives?

See below. Do you see what I see?

This is Isle of Fire HARDCOVER. Look at the price. Amazon is selling Isle of Fire at $2.43. Are you kidding me? Talk about a "fire sale." Get it, Isle of Fire...on sale? Oh, nevermind. LoL

Okay Tribes, this is a very time-sensitive Quest opportunity. Isle of Fire sits right now at 242 on the Bestseller List. It won't take much to push it higher. Let's rock this!

The Quest:

Purchase 1 copy of Isle of Fire: 3000 pts.
Purchase 2 copies of Isle of Fire: 6000 pts.
Purchase 3 copies of Isle of Fire: 12000 pts.
Purchase 4 copies of Isle of Fire: 24000 pts.
Purchase 5 copies of Isle of Fire: 48000 pts.

Yes, I know, that's a ridiculous amount of points.

It gets better.

If Isle of Fire makes it to 100th or better on the Amazon list, double the points for each tribe member who gets a book.

If Isle of Fire makes it to #1 on the Amazon list, quadruple the points for each tribe member who gets a book. QUADRUPLE the points.

*Remember, if you're a minor, don't make a purchase without parent permission.

**Also, if IoF makes #1, keep in mind the points do NOT double and then quadruple. The points would quadruple.

Click HERE to order Isle of Fire!

Important Time Note: In order for your purchase to count, you must order today: Sunday 9/19 thru Tuesday 9/21st.


Aidan Romero said...

Crikey. That's a terrible shock. But, I'm not in a tribe.

Scott Appleton said...

Wow... how'd they do that? Well, I purchased a copy (hope it pushes you toward that higher ranking). I have the Amazon Prime so free two-day shipping, which means I really did pay only just over $2 for hardcover. Incredible!

AMG just put up my novel for pre-order for a little over $10... very exciting! (-:

WayneThomasBatson said...

Aidan, it is shocking, but not so terrible. lol And Scott, I'm guessing that Amazon is just selling off overstock. Which is fine with me. The higher ranking gets Isle of Fire more visibility. And congrats on the release of your book. AMG is really hammering the fantasy genre! WOOT

Seth said...

So, I already have a copy. But I am very drawn to buy all five. It would be 12.15 to buy five copies, plus I've got Amazon Prime. I have no idea at all what I'd do with them, but I think I can find a purpose :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Seth, I hear you on that. Most of my regular readers have had Isle of Fire for some time. I guess if you purchase again, you could always give them as gifts. Christmas is too far away. Hardcover books are nice to receive. ;-)

Goldarrow said...

WOWOW I really have to think about this one! That will top my Vanadils to well past 150,000!

One thing, the dates, it says
"Important Time Note: In order for your purchase to count, you must order today: Sunday 9/18 thru Tuesday 9/20th."

It is Monday the 20th... does that mean it ends today? or tomorrow?

Thanks Goldarrow

Anonymous said...

I just told my sister to get this for me for Christmas! I guess I'll be getting it for myself!!


WayneThomasBatson said...

Goldarrow, sorry I got the dates goofed. Yes, any orders today or Tuesday count!

Cson said...

I just tried to buy 5 copies, but amazon says the maximum I can get is 3! Is there any way I can get around that?

WayneThomasBatson said...

Cson, I have no idea...unless it's as simple as two separate transactions. Hmmmm...not sure.

Cson said...

Oh, I know! Could I use another account (like a friends') to buy the other 2?

Seth said...

@Cson, I haven't 'bought' the books yet, but when adding them, it seemed like it was fine with me doing three and then two additionally.

Goldarrow said...

Cson, I went to amazon and checked it out.
At first it said 3 only but then I went to edit cart. There I could change it to 5. So if you want to do that it should work.

Hope that helps, Goldarrow

TAK said...

I just ordered 5 copies!!!!

It was kinda annoying to have to do 2 transactions, but I figured it out, used 2 different accounts and all that stuff. Hope IoF makes it to #1!!! LOL! 192000 points!

Jake said...

Strange...I went to and searched 'Isle of Fire', and it was like 20,000 and 9.99. I clicked on your link, though, and it checked out. Weird... But I may be buying it. Great Vanadil opprotunity here! And stuff for a giveaway... :D

Jake said...

Wow, TAK. Uh, you're on Swifstorm, right? *is nervous*

Jake said...

Augh....I ordered three copies via Amazon, but it won't let me buy more than three copies. TAK, how exactly did you order 5 copies?! I'm going to try to order two more tomorrow.... But I still get an admirable amount of Vanadils. :)

RH said...

I tarry and... (sorry Mr. Batson I didn't memorize that section in your book The Wyrm Lord. lol) Any way! Wow sounds like a deal!!!!

Jake said...

Mr. Batson, I just bought two more (I bought three yesterday). It's 11 PM central time here. Can it still count??

thelastolympian said...

Jake, yes I am in SS. I got 5 because I ordered 2 copies on one account (mine) and 3 on my moms. It involved some complicated transferring of money on both of our accounts, but I figured it out. If you were wondering, I ordered 3 on my moms instead of 3 on mine, that's because she gets free shipping and I don't.
The funny thing is, I've barely spent any time (yet) on this contest, but I still have around as much as I had last year, 96000.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Sure, Jake, they can count! Thanks all for jumping in with both feet. I don't think IoF made it any higher than 224, but that's still higher than ever before. Thank you again!

Paige said...

Ok so i just finished reading Ise of Fire and i only have one thing to say to you Mr. Batson....PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE WRITING ANOTHER ONE AND IT DOESNT JUST END THERE!!!!?

Anonymous said...

i thoughtthat was prety good but what if we already bought the copy?