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Friday, March 21, 2008

Advice for Future Authors...

If you are one of the many of visitors to Enter the Door Within, you know that this is a good place for aspiring writers to sharpen their craft. I hope I've been able to share a few helpful tricks of the trade. But still, I'm only one author--and I'm very much still learning. So, if I may point the way to an extraordinary treasure for writers, please check out C.J. Darlington's phenomenal new feature: ADVICE FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS.

There you will find advice from Ted Dekker, Jerry Jenkins, Terri Blackstock, and TONS of others, including some guy named Bat-dorf, or something like that. ;-)

Oh, and here's another new piece of Isle of Swords Desktop Art. I thought it might be fun to offer possible captions for this one. Suppose you were the Captain of this ship, just now looking over the bow, what might you say? (Uh, let's keep it clean.) ROFL


Shane Deal said...

Thanks for the link!

Cool picture.


Shane Deal said...

As for my caption, the first thing to pop into my head was Crush from Finding Nemo saying... "Dude, focus dude!"

But that's not original. Of course a pirate of the more Thorne type would probably be letting out swear words at a rate that would make an author jealous of his word count at the sight of that thing. If I was captain...

Let's see.... "CAREFUL!"

Ian said...

I'd probably think "sacrafice".

"It's getting hot out, men, time for a swim!"

hee hee.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks. Ummmm. . I thought, "Oh, my, gosh" I know, not really a good caption, but that's what I would say.
Nice picture

Anonymous said...

Let's see. To quote Star Wars: I think the caption would be.

"I've got a bad feeling about this!"

Of course, my original thought for what it would be wasn't nice to say. :D

everlastingscribe said...

Ah, having been out in tight spots before I can say without hesitation my reaction to that situation would be--

"That's it, shoot the navigator."

Magma said...

caption would probably be....
'se....Se....SE....SEA SERPENT!'

cool pic.

therosepatch said...

I'd say either, "Uuuh...oooh...".

Or, "I change my mind. Let's go the OTHER way!"

*snickers* That reminds me of a quote from "Labyrinth."

"Ready men. Stand your ground!"

Tons of rocks then come rolling and bouncing their way.

"I take that back! Run for you lives!!!!" ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I probably wouldn't get to say anything before I passed out.

Anonymous said...

.. I don't think I'd quite have words, seeing that. It'd be more of a high-pitched scream of terror. XD
-will check out the link later-

Camden said...

"Hmmm... That could be problematic... (turns to crew) you're all the fearless types, right?"


Cole Forehand said...

Uhh, i'd would probably say crap under my breath, then turn to the crew and say, "well, aint that somethin'"

~Just*Flinn~ said...

I'd say what Pippin said, only a loud more loudly and panicked:


Anonymous said...

I think if I were to be in that ship, my only reaction would be a very long gawk. Then I'd stay frozen in shock for a few years before my crew would decide to shake me awake.
: )

-a fellow writer and your biggest fan

Magma said...

okay.....Pais got me thinking about Labyrinth quotes...

how about when the serpent tries to hit a rapidly fleeing ship....."did I hit something? yes?"

Anonymous said...

Cool pic! I would probably be speachless if I saw that. Or I would scream. Probably scream.

therosepatch said...

Oh! OH! Another Labyrinth quote!

Perhaps there's someone guiding the serpent, and the serpent is running away from the ship. "Whoa, not that way! You're going the wrong way! THE BATTLE'S BEHIND US!"


"[name of beast], turn around this second, or I will never feed you again!"

Anonymous said...

I'd be freaking out, but I would try not to show it! But I'd probally say:
"What in the world?"
"What is that thing!"

Anonymous said...

I think I'd probably be saying (because I'm such a fan of POTC)

"Is that the... the... (gulp) Kraken?" Then I'd quickly look around for anyone who had the black spot

Anonymous said...

i'd probably either be speechless or mutter under my breath, "Oh man, this can't be good..." then i'd prepare for the big fight.
btw, that's a REALLY good picture!!! :)