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Friday, February 16, 2007

Grand Slam Homerun--I can't believe how good this movie was.

I taught Language Arts in Anne Arundel County for eight years. My first year, someone handed me Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. I read the book and just about fell out of my bed. I wondered, how did Katherine Paterson spy on me when I was ten without me ever knowing?! I was Jess Aarons. The crazy little kid who drew all the time; the one who made up adventures and imaginary worlds (shocked aren't you?).

So I was ecstatic to finally see a REAL movie made of such a wonderful book. My wife and I took all of our kids. I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful this movie was. Walden Media in cooperation with Disney stayed so true to the book (though the trailer would lead you to believe otherwise) that I found myself tearing up at parts that weren't sad, just accurate. That's so rare when a book goes to the sceen.

And afterward, my children and I spoke about things, things of God and heaven, and how we Christians never have to say goodbye, but only…until later. I'm telling you, RUN do not walk to see this movie! Tell all your friends and their friends. Introduce your friends to total strangers, and then tell them to see the movie also!

The Christian Community often decries the lack of quality family movies coming out of Hollywood, but we need to shell out the $$$ and support good stuff when it comes out. This is such a film. Katherine Paterson must be deliriously happy with the result. I know I was.


everlastingscribe said...

I'll tell them you thought it was outstanding, but that book broke my heart the first time I read it and I swore I'd never read it again. Cuts way too close to the bone. I'm glad you had a good time though and I'll spread the word.

Brett said...

I shall go it see because our wonderful friend the author ( reviewer) told me to. I want to go see it anyway. Looks good. I'm a nutcase for Disney movies anyway :)

Josh said...

i would really rather read the book first but the movie looks so good i don't know if i can wait lol even then i will still have to read this book. I cant wait to go see it maybe even Sunday ^_^

amy said...

I read the book as a kid and LOVED it, so when we heard the movie was coming out - my 8 yr. old daughter and I read it together. She was a little mad that I didn't forewarn her of the "big" event in it. I just couldn't imagine warning her. It would've ruined the whole book from the beginning.

We're taking her to go see the movie tomorrow and we're all really excited! We're even taking some of our grown up friends with us.

Brett said...

I wanna go see it too!
Where's that Suspense Technique gone off too I wonder??? *snoops around*

amy said...

WOW!!! 100% FANTASTIC!!!!
Go see it now. I don't care what time it is, just get up and go. Don't speed, but go quickly. This was amazing. My daughter and I saw it tonight and it was SO true to the book. Her words were: "Mommy, I know this is a strong thing to say, but I like it more than Narnia." Okay - to some this statement may not be too significant - let me tell you -it's huge. This child could probably recite almost every word to "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe." We have movie night as a family sometimes - every time - she wants to watch Narnia. So for her to utter these words to me tonight was a really big deal.

So yes - yes - a thousand times yes! Go see it.

pixydust said...

I'm trying to finish reading the book to the kids before I take them to see it, but I don't think I'll be able to wait myself.

I too was heartbroken as a kid when I read this book. But I think it's such an important story. It's one of those rights of passage, you know.

Brett said...

I've never read the book! But we're seeing the movie this week. (We'd better!!!)
It's better than Narnia? *gasp*
This ought to be good :)