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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Gobsmacked by God!

UPDATE: Color me gobsmacked! (always wanted to use that word). Yesterday, I announced a need for Door Within books so that I could actually teach the book to my Reading classes. Then, as I was teaching, my phone started blowing up with Facebook alerts. When the kids were dismissed to go home for the day, I finally got a chance to check Facebook. 

I sat at my desk in tears. I got chills. Witnessing God at work blew me away. In less than an hour, you wonderful readers, family, and friends had purchased more than 40 Door Within books for my classes. By the time I drove home, you had purchased 60+ books. By dinner time, you had purchased 80+ books! And that doesn't even count those wonderful souls who donated $$$ via PayPal! I'm not finished sorting it all out, but I'm pretty sure I have enough books for this year and next year too!

To say "Thank you" doesn't begin to cover my gratitude, awe, and heart warmth over your generosity and kindness. You have been witnesses of God to me, in an act that I will never forget as long as I live.

You all literally SOLD OUT Amazon of my Door Within books, causing Amazon to order more from the publisher, not once but twice! And, in the process, you catapulted The Door Within to several high spots on Amazon's Bestseller by Category lists!

And, on top of all that, with news of your book orders, many of you posted such impassioned testimonials about The Door Within books that you have given me indestructible hope, amped faith, and an uncanny sense of wonder.

Thank you. Thank you. You have shown me that I am indeed, Never Alone.


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