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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Have you enjoyed my work? Consider being a Patron of the Arts!

Greetings, Marvelous Readers! I try not to do this very often, but this summer is a pivotal time for me as an author. For the first time ever, I am NOT under contract with a traditional publishing house. Everything I'm writing will be completely self published. And over the next six months, I hope to be publishing FIVE novels, Myridian Constellation Books 1-4 (formerly Dark Sea Annals): A Sword in the Stars (Author-ized Edition), The Errant King (Author-ized Edition), The Forsaken Continent (Late June), Mirror of Souls (August), and GHOST 2: Minister of Fire (October).

And so, if you've enjoyed my stories or, by God's grace, have been built-up, encouraged, or inspired by my writing, would you consider becoming a Patron of the Arts on behalf of my future stories? In Ye Olde Days of Yesteryear, artists, musicians, and writers were sponsored by private citizens who wanted to make sure more of their favorite creative works could be produced.
But in 2017, becoming a patron of the arts couldn't be easier. 

If you're still reading, thank you. If you're thinking you might like to become a patron for me, check this out: 


Darkautumn1999 said...

I am so excited, especially that you are finally able to continue The Dark Sea Annals, and in the slightly less edited format you've described. I have been an avid fan of all of your writing for a good nine years, and this series has easily been my favorite, as well as an inspiration in working on building my own epic fantasy world in which I have begun to write novels. God alone knows if I'll ever publish a thing, but I love fantasy as a genre and for me , as 10-year-old struggling with being an outsider, it was your books that opened that door for me.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dark Sea Annals and hope that you pick up on some of the numerous errors in the reprinted edition. I am also wondering which book is next in the series, Mirror of Souls or The Forsaken continent? Keep up the good work Wayne!

WayneThomasBatson said...

DarkAutumn, thank you so much for posting. That's so encouraging! Stoked that you're working on your own fiction!

WayneThomasBatson said...

Anon, my new editor is awesome, so hopefully, between the two of us, we've cleaned all that up. :-D

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I am so excited for your books!!! I can't wait!!! My sister has been attacking me with all her theories and speculations for the next Dark Sea Annals since she recently raided my book stash and pounced on those right off.
Also, I really hope you get to add to The Skeleton Project stories soon!! Those are actually some of me and my sister's favorite stories that we have read in a long time, and we can't wait to see how it all turns out for Agents Pershing and Minnis. =D

Hannah said...

My brother gave me the first book to the Berinfell Prophecies and after reading the series i was hooked!!! I enjoyed the DreamTreaders series as well! I am working on the Door Within trilogy right now! Thank you for all your work Mr. Batson!! NEVER ALONE!
(sorry for my fan girlieness!) ;)