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Saturday, June 13, 2015

What the FONT?

This summer, I plan to RE-release Dark Sea Books 1 (Sword in the Stars) and 2 (The Errant King). I'm not changing the plotline in any significant way, but I'm doing a lot of what I call "Rendering."

As in digital animation where, pixel-by-pixel and line-by-line, the image becomes more detailed, more lifelike, and altogether more breathtaking to behold, I've done a serious overhaul of the language. Often it's as simple as deleting one word from a sentence. At times, it has been fleshing out a setting that I carelessly "mentioned" in the original. In sum, the new versions of Sword in the Stars and The Errant King will be the same story, told more precisely and more vividly. And yes, Dark Sea book 3 "Mirror of Souls" will follow shortly afterward, aiming for Fall, October-ish release.

If you've read this far, thank you. That probably means that this book series means something to you. So here's where I could use a little help: I need a front cover branding-kind of font for the series. There are a gazillion fonts out there, but I'm looking for something that speaks of "Fantasy" but not of hokey, over-the-top fantasy. I want something totally readable, even when it's very small. When I say branding, I want this font to become the brand name look so that whenever you see the font, you'll know it's a dark sea font, you'll know it's this series. Above all else, it'll need to be professional.

If you have a font in mind that might fit the description above, post a screen shot of it, or if you've seen another fantasy book cover that has a very cool font, please post it in the comments. If you come up with a font, and I end up using it (or even one like it), I'll give you a first edition signed copy of "Mirror of Souls" BEFORE ANYONE ELSE GETS IT.

*I should also mention that the reason this font needs to absolutely ROCK is because I'll have BRAND NEW COVER ART for the whole series. If you've seen Caleb Havertape-illustration​'s work, you know these images are going to blow people away, so a lame font just cannot be permitted.


Ryleigh said...

My favorite fonts are the top two in link below, Avqest Normal and Black Chancery. I hope this helps! Good luck finding the right one and choose wisely! :D


H. Esther Ellis said...

I have emailed you the font which I use for my own fantasy writing.

Tracey Dyck said...

I personally love the original Dark Sea font, but I understand if you can't/don't want to replicate it. I wish I had enough knowledge to give you a good recommendation. So excited about the re-release, and even more thrilled about Mirror of Souls!!! :D

Emilyn J Clover said...

What's cool about this font is that it's really old and based off of what you would find in old Latin manuscripts. Not sure if it's cool enough but it's one of my favorite fonts for when I'm writing. Maybe not for book cover text, but you never know! Usually a good font for a book cover is hand-lettered/handmade, and my sister does that sort of thing for her job.
This is Garamond:

Emmarayn Redding said...

For myself, I find the Andalus font to be inspiring, and I always write my books in it. I usually end up converting them to Times New Roman before I publish, but that's only because for the ebook converters I use, they prefer a standard Times New Roman. Andalus, however, is my favorite.

Eva said...

Take a look at a website called; it's got every font ever created and then some!

Unknown said...

I have spent quite a...well, a little while pondering what fonts would suit the The Dark Sea Annals. After some consideration, I think I have found two that would almost definitely fit your "branding" idea.

1. Caeldera
2. Endor

Each of these can be found using a simple Google search. The first I think is far better and unique, while the second leans a little too far into "Harry Potter" territory. Good luck finding the perfect font!

P.S. When might some of us expect a new post on your Patreon wall? :)

Unknown said...

Oh man, there's a lot of different fonts I love to use and like a thousand more I can't wait to find the perfect project for.
Might I suggest a few:

~Celtic Garamond


I can email these and/or more to you if you'd like.

Unknown said...

I don't know if I can mention more than one, but I like Hectica, Celexa, and Abaddon.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the font on the Books of the Infinite covers. Very professional and fantasy-looking.

Unknown said...

Also, Fairydust is pretty cool.
And this is a random one I found that I don't know the name of.

Naomi Booth said...

I think Pirate island and polynesia both make a pretty cool fantasy sword fighting title font for a good book like these.