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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Get Ready to Blitz Amazon, May 6th for Dreamtreaders!

Are you ready to BLITZ Amazon? Dreamtreaders, Book 1 releases Tuesday, May 6th. If you like fantasy / adventure / contemporary weird, and you are thinking of purchasing Dreamtreaders, please consider purchasing from Amazon on Tuesday, May 6th.

The Blitz is a contest where everyone wins -something- but the more people get involved, the better the prizes become. More details coming soon! Visit in the coming days for more details.

Here's the Amazon link for Dreamtreaders:


Emma Clifton said...

Ooh, I'm excited! The cover looks really good!

Anna said...

So exciting!!! Will it count for the blitz if you buy the kindle version?

Morgan said...

Sweet! I will totally order on May 6th. Perfect time for summer reading!

Livvie Lisa said...

I am SO not waiting for the library to get this. I want my OWN copy on MY bookshelf! So excited!!!