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Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Release: GHOST on Audiobook!

I'm thrilled to announce that my supernatural thriller "GHOST" is now available on audiobook! The reader, Brandon McKernan is absolutely brilliant. 

He nails the characters and tone...even some pretty monstrous voices. One was so spot-on perfect that I almost ran off the road. Seriously, if you like audiobooks, please check out GHOST: 


Spock the Manatee said...

Dear Mr. Batson,

I'm so excited to read this book along with the others that you've written over the years.

I originally read the Door Within Trilogy when I was 11 years old and fell in love with them to the point where I read the series 10 times in a matter of weeks. I started reading them again this week, more than 6 years after I read them originally and I remembered instantly why I loved them so much. They are really what started me off on my love for reading! I want to thank you for that!

I hope that I can spur on the younger people I know, including my own 12 year old brother, to be avid readers using these books .

You have been and continue to be one my favorite authors, second only to the One True King.

Never Alone,

Bailee Arnold

Jack said...

This is very exciting! I am going to have to see if I can find it somewhere.