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Friday, November 02, 2012

Christians: How should we then vote?

With the Presidential Election just a few days away, I'm finding it increasingly frustrating to read/hear that there are some "self proclaimed" Christian citizens still considering a vote for Obama. Hey, free country, do what you want, but please think before you do this.

Think about who you are in Christ. Your job on earth is to reflect God's glory, ie: show His attributes, stand for what He stands for, love what He loves; hate what He hates (sin). Obama supports abortion and gay marriage. Don't believe the hype. Those are not minor issues, esp. abortion. Jesus said "Suffer the little children to come," not "kill them whenever it's convenient."

Gay marriage is an oxymoron, at least for the Christian. It's an impossibility. Marriage as God defined it was man and woman. After all, it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Not to be overly simplistic, but that's pretty clearly God establishing the order of operations. There is absolutely no mention of homosexuality prior to the first sin. And every mention of gay lust/sex from that point on makes the behavior a sin. Not to say a worse sin than adultery or sex outside of marriage, but still sin. So we don't celebrate the sin by endorsing it as a marriage.
  Those should be deal breaker issues. You vote for Obama, you sneer at God's holiness.

Next, I've heard excuses of "we can't vote for a Mormon." That's just inane. Mormons happen to share a TON of Christian beliefs. But regardless, you want the guy who will do the best job to get our country rolling. If you use Romney's Mormon faith to rule out voting for him, you just confirm the hypocrisy nonChristians accuse Christians of.

Finally, just for the sake of effectiveness, you almost certainly have to vote Romney. Obama was overmatched by the office of President. He talked a good game and failed to follow thru. By his own standard, he needs to go. "One term proposition." He's right about that. If a sitting president does not make marked improvements in 4 years, he does NOT deserve FOUR more. Same for Romney should he get elected.

In sum, consider the issues here: Obama is for big government, more and more people relying on government, muddying moral waters, allowing America to promote sin, gigantic increases in what America owes in debt, and no substantial plan for improvement.

Consider also who promotes Obama, who speaks for him, and the one Obama counts on to "bring in the votes"--Bill Clinton. The man who was disbarred, impeached, and disgraced--and he is the Dem's big hitter? Really? Why would anyone believe a thing Bill Clinton says?

Romney is for reducing government's interference and our dependence on government, making right and wrong clear again, cleansing America of the blight of abortion, keeping marriage as a holy institution, and an actual plan for improvement.  Please vote intelligently and by faith. Mitt Romney is not a perfect candidate. I'm not convinced he'll even be great, but he will almost certainly be better than Obama. And he will almost certainly make our nation more Christian friendly than it has been in years.


Morgan said...

I don't like either candidate. Neither is really good. Romney hurt a lot of people with what he did to the employees at Bain International, including my uncle. Obama did practical nothing in four years, except for coming up with a healthcare bill that has most Catholics praying the Rosary against him.
Still, with two bad choices, I think Romney is the lesser of the two evils. I'm to young to vote, but at my school's mock election I voted for Romney. At my schools mock election Romney won 61 to 15. I hope the real elections goes similarly.

Caleb Painter said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this!!! I have heard of several Christians that are voting for Obama.

Really? It's so frustrating. Though, I'm not saying I agree with everything that Romney says either. I am not a Mormon but that doesn't mean I wouldn't vote for him. [If I was old enough to vote:(]
All we can do is pray. Pray that God would open America's eyes. All of America.

I have often find myself wondering "Why would you want Clinton endorsing you?" He was like one of the worst presidents in the history of the US. (I mean no disrespect by that)President Obama said in one of the debates that he has a plan similar to Clinton's.

That's all I have to say.
(Wow that was a long comment. Sorry, I get worked up over politics)

Writer4Christ said...

Agreed. Thankfully my older sister can vote this year so there's another positive vote for Romney!

Anonymous said...

I just read your comments on Facebook. It saddened me a little that an author I had so much respect for would react so viciously. Why are you so full of hate? Can we not pray that God will work through Obama? Or am I selling my soul to the devil for even suggesting it? (As you have hinted that no "real" Christian worth his salt would vote for him.)
America needs a miracle, not a president be he new or re-elected. And miracles can only come from God.

Anonymous said...

Obama will completely destroy America in 4 year. Everyone who voted for him will be really sorry when we're owned by China and cannot get any food. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sir Batson,
I think you meant pro-choice in your last comment, not pro-life. Otherwise the comment takes on an entirely different meaning. :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Anonymous, you are certainly welcome to visit my site and post comments; I appreciate your interest in my books, etc. However, you are not welcome to throw out accusations, insults, and spin. You claimed I react "viciously." That is a ridiculously harsh word. There is no place where that word is appropriate. Then you say "Why am I so full of hate." Where do you get hate? I might ask you the same thing? I think you might be projecting your own hate on others, maybe? Of course, no that Obama is reelected, I'm praying for him and our nation. But I am still saddened because for another 4 years, innocent children will die by the thousands and morality in the US will continue its landslide. And please don't put words in my mouth. I did not say that no real Christian would vote for Obama. But I AM puzzled by any Christian who would vote for a proAbortion, progay marriage candidate. Those are issues any bible-believing Christian should make priorities for when voting. I've yet to read convincing counters to this truth. Again, Anon, you are welcome to visit, comment, etc. But be very careful not to slander and misrepresent.