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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Starseeker Contest WINNERS

Ladies and gentlemen! The day has come! The Starseeker Contest ended on June 26th. All eligible reports have been turned in. It is time to announce the winners!

[Cue Drumroll]

The Winning Starseeker Constellation is: 


What, you don't see the winner? You'll have to highlight the black space above with your mouse.
Or you can just look at the full standings below. lol

Here are the full standings. Constellation Founders, please check my totals for accuracy. Some of the reports I received were a little hard to decipher. 

FIRST: Silvertree = 273,850
SECOND: StarryElite = 246,260
THIRD: Phoenix = 167,890
FOURTH: Pureline = 42,900
FIFTH: Lumenos = 39,810
SIXTH: Starfire = 32,880
SEVENTH: Icemen = 20,600

And now, let's talk PRIZES!

For the winning SILVERTREE Team:
Founder: You have one the Grand Prize of having a real STAR named after you, a person of your choice, or your constellation. eMail me your mailing address so that I can register the star in your name and have them send you the plaque and stuff that comes with Star Ownership. Please also indicate EXACTLY what name you want the star to be named after.

Members of Silvertree: You will all have characters in my next book named after you. FOUNDER: please send me the fantasy name of all of the members who participated. Important: these must be cool fantasy names. I won't name a character Bob Smith or Twinkletoes or anything like that. LOL

Members of Silvertree: You will have a special page in the Acknowledgments JUST FOR SILVERTREE. Please give me a list of the names of your members--as they want their names to appear in the book.

Highest Point Earner on the Silvertree Team: FOUNDER--please email me and let me know who the highest point earning member of your team was. He/She will be enrolled in my BOOKS4LIFE program. I will need a name and a mailing address so that I can begin to send books as they are released.

Who wins the Kindle???
It's possible the winner of the Kindle may not be on Silvertree. The winner is the single Constellation Member who earned the most points all by himself. SO, all FOUNDERS, please email me the name of your highest point earner, so I can figure this out. I have one team's report that shows a particular person with lots of points but then I have another team with a spreadsheet from which I can't tell individual total points. So please give me the individual score of the high scorer on your team. This person could be the KINDLE winner!

What about everyone else?
2nd Overall Highest Points for an individual = BOOKS4LIFE winner! Once again, I'll need a name and address. Note: if prizes overlap, there won't be a doubling of the prize. Lol

Founders: Send me a list of every member of your team as they want their name to appear in the acknowledgments of my next book. ALL of you will be in there.


Goldarrow said...

YEAH! Great job Silvertree and well done everyone else! It was a pleasure to work with you all! :)

and Thanks WTB and Winters!

Rachel said...

Awesome Silvertree! We won! Thanks for the contest Mr. Batson. It was really fun.

Elven Princess said...

This is what happens when I forget to do this. >.< Congrats Silvertree!

R.P.H said...

We all win a prize... that's pretty awesome! :-) This was a lot of fun Mr. Batson. Thanks for all your hard work.
Congrats Silvertree!

In His Grace,
~Ryan Paige Howard (Ryan Heart)

~Winterbane~ said...

Sooooooo close! Ugh! Well, it was hard fought and well played. Silvertree (gives a bow) congrats to all of you and enjoy the spoils!

~Winterbane~ said...
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Bookishqueen said...

Great job Silvertree!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Rock on guys! I didn't know about all these prizes but I'm stoked!

Batty is a boss :) Can we all agree? :)

-Nathan Keeneye

Caleb Painter said...

Congrats Silvertree! And thanks again Mr. Batson! I completely enjoyed this contest.

Hannah/Eruanna said...

Nice job everyone! Congratz to you all. :D

Sarah Pennington said...

Congrats, team Silvertree!

Brian Alexander said...

Congratulations, Starseeker!

I feel really bad about not being able to participate. I had planned on it, but... things came up. :'(

Megan said...

Congrats Starseekers, and congrats Silvertree! I didn't praticipate, but thanks for doing this kind of thing Sir Batson.

Unknown said...

Congrats team, and thank you to everyone else! You put up a really good fight (and that means that Mr. Batson got some great publicity!) Keep reading!

Ethaecia said...

Great job everyone! Congrats to the winners!

Cas said...

Wow... Icemen weren't as far behind as I thought we were...

Good job, everyone!

NovaK said...

Hey Lumenos! Send your names to:!