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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Personal Response

I recently posted about a yahoo article where comedian Conan O'Brien officiated a gay wedding. As you might expect, most of the responses here agreed with the Christian perspective. However, I recently received a comment that opposed it. But, for the most part, this was not some bombastic irrational person screaming out vitriol. This was a person who had serious heart and bravery and really seemed interest in investigating. I tried to comment back, but apparently, it was too many characters. So, I post it here. Hopefully, Anon, you come back and get a chance to read it.

Hi, Anon, thanks for entrusting the readers here enough to post a contrasting view. I can totally hear the compassion in your words and the heart behind it. The only way I can respond coherently is to reprint your words here with my replies immediately following. See below:

You Wrote: This makes me sick. Sorry, Mr. Batson, but I comoletely disagree. What is wrong with being gay? Gays are born with something different in their brain, something that makes them attracted to the same sex.

Response 1: 2 different questions here. What is wrong with being gay? If you believe the bible, then homosexual lust and sex are wrong. No way around that. But what about the genetic component? Are people actually born gay? There is huge sociobiological debate on this. But no this: there is NO conclusive proof that anyone is born gay. There are some genetic points of interest that might support the "born gay" position. But there are equal scientific grounds to show otherwise.

BUT: even if it could be proved conclusively that people were born with traits that would make it far easier for them to become gay, that would have nothing to do with it being sin or not. We are all born sinful. And each of us struggle with certain sins. It may be that all of our genetic codes are messed up in one way or another. One person might have the genetic fingerprint to be addicted to alcohol, sex, drugs, violence, etc. etc. But that doesn't mean we excuse the acts that often follow.

To suggest that there's something wrong with these people is, in my mind, completely ridiculous.

My response: it's not ridiculous if the Bible is your guide. And I'm not being bigoted in the least. I think there's something WRONG with every person on earth, especially me. It's called a "sin-nature." We all have it, and it makes it easier for each one of us to lean toward certain sins.

 I understand that maybe marriage must be between a man and a woman, but this is not right.

My Response: Thank you for granting that point. Marriage always has been understood as man and woman. The word is defined that way. If words are to have meaning, then we must not simply change to meet politics or cultural trends. And the word "marriage" is not just some flexible term that has become antiquated over the years. Marriage is a critical social custom that builds the foundation of a nation.

 Maybe it is a sin to be homosexual. But is that what you are going to say? That people that are different than you are worse?

My Response: No, I never implied that homosexuals are worse than me or worse than heterosexuals. All sin is counter-God. A homosexual's sins are no worse than my own. The trouble is that some segments of our society are fighting hard to normalize activities are wrong. It is the same as a sitcom that makes it seem like casual sex is fine and dandy. It's not. It's sin, and even if you don't believe in the bible, casual sex leaves a terrible hurt on most people who engage in it.

 Who cares if someone isn't like you, isn't heterosexual? Why can't people just leave other people alone?

My Response: again, you seem to want to blame me, as if I am the measure of what's good and right in the world. Thank God it is not me! As to why can't people "leave other people alone?" No one is attacking anyone here. America is an open marketplace of ideas, isn't it? So when Yahoo publishes an article with a well-known celebrity going so far to support gay marriage as to officiate the "wedding," then it is my right (and as a Christian) a duty to speak out. The trouble is that many in the homosexual community confuse different opinions with bigotry. I'm tired of being called "intolerant" and a "bigot" or "homophobe" simply because I maintain and support a differing opinion on the subject. Those who support homosexuality are often very aggressive and in-your-face with their beliefs. Fine, but don't "name call" when I oppose you and oppose you well. Either support your beliefs or concede defeat. Don't resort to immature name calling. 

Reading that it makes people sick to think about gay marriage is truly sad, sad that they can't leave it be. It's the way people are, and it's not going to change.

My Response: It's not sad. Imagine someone taking something dear to you and staining it. That's what's happening here. Marriage is what it is. Don't be upset because the word has meaning. If homosexuals want a union, then call it something else. And as to saying, why not leave it be because it'll never change? Think about where that logic takes you. Some people commit incest. Should we leave that be? Some rape. Some commit sexual abuse. Should we leave those things be as well? People commit adultery ALL THE TIME--Christians included. Should we leave that be? Of course not.

I really don't understand this. Is your entire life governed by the bible? Are you simply the puppet of the written word, to kill or shun those that are different or against this? Explain yourself, please.

My Response: Yes, my entire life is governed by the Bible. Not when I sin. And that is my own personal tragedy. God's word is my guide and keeps me from so many destructive paths and horrors. Am I a puppet for holding to a standard of right and wrong that transcends what I simply "feel" is right or wrong?

But, I want you, Anon, to take a very VERY careful look at your words there: "to kill or shun those that are different." You brought those words to the table. I never mentioned them. I don't urge anyone to kill or shun. That's the kind of emotional propaganda that gay rights leaders so often employ.

Love everyone. Hate the sin, especially that sin in my own life. But do not remain silent when beautiful, sacred things are being attacked.


Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

Excellent response. Well done.

Jordan said...

Thank you, Mr. Batson. The more I read what you have to say, the more I respect you.

T.D. said...

Hm, hm hm.

This was a good, gracious way to handle the situation, Sir Batson. I'm encouraged and edified, to be honest. I was right there with you, nodding in agreement the whole time.

In fact, it strikes me as interesting: I was at a "retreat" of sorts for a Christian university earlier this year, and the student leadership team had a thing coming out in the open to their classmates about their weaknesses and what they need- just being open- and one of them was able to reveal that he was struggling with homosexuality- but he knew it was wrong and asked for support and prayer and help from his college-mates.

It encouraged me to witness that because it showed that it wasn't some unavoidable genetic thing, and that like any other sin, anyone could stumble in it- but the Lord is gracious and knows that we are but dust.

Hope Anon gets a chance to read your post. It'll probably help.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Mr. Batson. It definitely is our duty as Christians to stand up for our faith. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Mr. Batson. It definitely is our duty as Christians to stand up for our faith. Thank you for posting this.

GOD guy said...

I completely agree with Mr. Batson. It doesn't matter if you have a natural attraction to one particular sin. it's still sin. just because you have a physical or mental desire to commit that sin more than anything else doesn't mean it's right.

Katelyn Knick. said...

Thanks for writing this Mr. Batson. This was eye-opening to me, and i hope it is for Anon also.
Oh, and congratulations on the Errant King. I can't wait to read it! Right now, I'm reading Curse of the Spider King which I got for my birthday on Friday and I'm completely hooked into it!
-Katelyn ♪♫

Liz said...

Well, I personally think that being gay is wrong. So, Mr. Batson, I'm with you. Anyways, the Bible says not to be attracted to the same gender. God also made us to like different genders. I think we should follow with His plan.

Ian said...

Mr. Batson, reading this has been very powerful to me. I do not have much experience with these matters, but I think that you addressed them in a very strong way. For every attack, there was a counterattack, for every point, a counterpoint: the Lord was truly your guide. It is amazing the things that happen when He guides our hands. Homosexuality is sin, as you said. There is no way around it. The commenter made that point but said that we should ignore it, but we do not ignore sin. This has been such a powerful post to me. Thank you.

Emilyn J Clover said...


Emilyn J Clover said...


Emilyn J Clover said...


Ruth Nyhus said...

Dear Mr. Batson,
I'm only 14 and not very well read on this issue, but I can say that this post really impressed me! Your answers to Anon were really clear and if I ever had any doubts, you put them to rest. Now at least, I'll have an idea what I'm talking about if someone asks me about this issue. :) Thanks for always sticking up for the Truth!

Sienna North said...

Thanks for this thoughtful and gracious response. I appreciate it when Christians really insist on following the Word, yet emphasize at the same time that we love the sinner and hate the sin. We are all sinners, "gay" and "straight" alike.