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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bat Fiction Update: The Incredible Shrinking Author and More!

Happy Fall to everyone! As always, thanks for being faithful readers!

Lots of news to pass along. First:

The Errant King, the 2nd book of the Dark Sea Annals, is due out at the end of October. And this just in, the final cover image. What do you think?

Speaking of covers, I need your help! I'm working on Imagination Station book 8: Mystery of Starlight Island for Focus on the Family. And we've got three cover images on the table. These are black and white sketches of what the eventual cover may be. Which of the three do you like best and why?

And last but not least: Anyone else out there battled weight issues? I have been since the 5th grade. But in recent years, with all the deadlines and teaching (and 50 other excuses), I've really let myself go. I got on the scale and it literally said, "Ouch!"

I've tried tons of diets: South Beach, Atkins, Body-4-Life, The Real Food Diet, etc. etc. ad infinitum. And mostly, they work--to a point. But they often do your body a disservice in the process and make it easier to gain back and then some.

So, this summer, I found myself tipping the scales at the highest I've ever been. I won't tell you the number, but let's just say there are professional linemen in the NFL who would blush to see the number I put up. {Sigh}. I began to find my quality of life and my usefulness to others dwindling. I certainly understand that there are those who have legitimate metabolic issues. That kind of weight gain must be an awful burden for those who have it.

But for the vast majority of overweight folks, folks with normal metabolism like me, we just do it to ourselves. And it impacts absolutely EVERYTHING. Every part of our lives. How much we can get done at work. How much we can play with our kids. How active we can be. And seriously, I believe that we disgrace the Temple of the Holy Spirit and make God look bad when we're fat.

Now, I'm not calling eating a sin. God made it pretty clear to Peter that everything God made was good for food. But somehow I don't think God was urging Peter to eat a whole triple cheese, meat lovers deep dish pizza and follow it up with three pints of Ben and Jerry's. I won't speak for others, but for myself, I've committed the sin of Temple Abuse...over and over and over again. And now, I'm paying for it.

That said, God has given me a fairly resilient body. And I'm just 42. So I'm not throwing in the towel. Rather, I'm getting out of the premature grave I've been living in. And I'm making a change. Or rather, God's empowering a change in me.

I've begun the Jenny Craig program. What? Another diet? I thought you said--actually, I did say. And yes, I am starting another diet, but just in name. Jenny Craig is all about learning to eat the right kinds of foods at the right times and in the right portion sizes. So, really, it's more about life modification than some fad diet. The fantastic thing about Jenny Craig for me is that they provide meals. Yep, it costs. But really, it works out to be just about 30% more than my personal grocery footprint. And to have the menu made for you, the food right there, is absolutely essential for someone with a crazy schedule like mine.
Go to Jenny!

Yeah, I know, I know. Jenny Craig sounds girly. But seriously, there are tons of men on the program doing very well. Everyone from pro surfers to actors to regular Joes like me. Still, I wish they'd have a men's branch called, Stone Cold Craig or some such. Appeals to the macho in me.

So, how did my first week go? Pretty easy, really. And I showed up on Sunday for my weigh in 14lbs down. That's right 14lbs in one week. The Jenny Craig consultants told me it was a site record for their office. Praise God. Week two is going well. Can't wait to see what I weigh in on Sunday. I know it won't be a ridiculous number, but it WILL BE DOWN.

So, I pledge to you, my readers, that I will do this. And I will get down to my healthy weight. And I will come on here every week and let you know how much down I am. And if I don't, you can yell at me! Deal?

PS: If anyone else out there wants to use this as an opportunity to get fit as well, just post comments right along with me. Iron sharpens Iron.

Never alone.


Precentor said...

Good on ya Waynester! I wish you the best in this "Cold stone Craig" plan!

About the EK cover, yup like this one better. :D

Mary Ruth Pursselley said...

Congrats on your first week of weight loss! 14 pounds is amazing! I'll be praying for you as you continue, and I'll yell at you if you don't. : )
As far as the Imagination Station cover options, I like #3. However, I don't really have a particular reason for that preference. I just like it better. (I know that's probably not very helpful, is it?)

Paris said...

I like the second cover best with the spyglass. I love the reflection of the ship.

Anonymous said...

Love the Errant King cover!

Imagination station: cover 2.

Great job tackling the weight problem. I'll be praying.

Rachel said...

That's greath that things are going so well for you and looking forward to the new books (p.s. I like the third cover the best I think for the pirate book). I hope Jenny Craig works but I wanted to give you a book that my mom used that she said worked for her to loose (I repeat SHE SAID that it worked for her). It is called the Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin and it is about eating in proportions and even has a faith element to it. If my suggesting this to you is an insult, I appoligize but I thought you might like to know. Well, congrats on the books and I hope Jenny works for you.

Jake said...

Option two or three. Option three appeals to the pirate in me more, methinks.

The Errant King cover looks even cooler than the original. :D

I'll be praying for your diet. Go to Africa, it did wonders for my Dad. He got a sunburntan as a bonus. ;)

T.D. said...

*applauds for all awesome things in this post*

(Sorry, I have a sore throat, no can speak....)

Kayla said...

I personally like the 2nd cover because it gives you the image of the character and shows you're on a ship. They spyglass reflection is sweet too. I really am not a fan of the 3rd one just because it seems like the focal point of the picture is lost in the ship. Granted, this might be because it's black and white, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be focusing on.

Elizabeth Eiowing said...

First I vote cover 1 or 3 methinks. Though all of them are good! I like cover one because of the intricate detail and it just gets me excited (I have no idea why!) Plus I like it that the characters are looking away, it's like they are on a journey and we are to follow them! It's pretty sweet! Cover three is cool cause it shows the whole ship but I think that it is a little bit much for the cover. Cover 2 is ok, but I think the cover needs to show more of the ship. Though the spy glass is AWESOME!

And about your weight loss! That is AWESOME!!!!! :D:D:D I'm rooting for you!!!

Robert Treskillard said...

That is an awesome cover for THE ERRANT KING, Wayne! The old version was good too, but I like this one, definitely.

For the FOF covers, I like the middle one with the up-close on the pirate... I think it is more interesting and eye-catching.

I'll keep you in prayer for the weight-loss Wayne! I lost 60 pounds about ten years ago, so keep at it!

dannal said...

Good for you, Wayne, for making the decision to live a life of greater excellence. I'll be praying for you as you continue on in the JC program. I believe it will improve your quality of life and bless your family with a more energetic husband and father. All of your Imagination Station covers are great, but I'm partial to #2. Love the Errant King cover. God bless, man.

Star-Dreamer said...

Your question, "Does anyone struggle with their Weight?"

Oooo boy. :P You're 42, but I'm only 23. I've struggled with weight since I was 13, and I HATE it. Right now, much like you, I'm just under the heaviest weight I've ever been. The problem? I can't seem to loose it. But I know what the REAL problem is, and it's not my metabolism. It's my exercise schedule (which is basically nil at the moment because of crazy college life and everything else...) and my eating habits (which are horrible because of convenience. No I'm not a big fast food fan, but here at college I often just give in and buy my food because it's easy and relatively quick -- if a pain in my wallet -- and I know that's causing all sorts of problems.)

Currently I'm about 50 pnds over weight and just hovering... I've been hovering for months and months, and I'm tired of it. I think it's interesting that you should post this right now, since I was literally just considering doing something similar on my blog. Have you tried Weight Watchers? Several years ago my mom and I did it and I dropped 30 pnds pretty fast. I really need to start on that again. It basically does the same thing as Jenny Craig, only you make the good choices that help you loose. It's not as convenient though. ;)

Well, I'll stop talking now. I really like that picture of the cover for Errant King. Beautiful!! ^_^

The Olson Ranch said...

I love The Errant King cover!!! I hope to get the book!

For the Imagination Station covers I would say either #1 or #2... I think I like 2 the best.


Shane Deal said...

I definitely wish you well on your weight loss, I use a app on my iPhone called 'Lose It!' that seems to have worked pretty well for me, Since I began in February 2010 I've lost 143 pounds just by watching the number of calories I eat each day and meticulously recording everything I eat in said app. Like you, that first week showed quite a reduction in weight, but after it wasn't quite so much, but it was fairly consistent after that. Just don't get discouraged when it only goes down a pound or so in the next few weeks. After the initial few weeks for me it tended to be between a half-pound to two pounds lost per week. I'm trying to maintain my weight now as if I were to lose too much more I could run into some problems of not weighing enough. Hope it goes well for you! Not thinking of it as a diet but a lifestyle change is pretty key I think. :-)

Sir William said...

Yay! You posted again!

wow. Amazing that you stepped up so to the weight loss challenge. 30% extra on the grocery bill's a good bit.

For the Imagination Station covers, I'm totally for cover #3. Completely. Because, whenever I "went" to Whit's end and went on the IMagination Station, I was always ready for ADVENTURE. And, that cover has the MOST DEFINITE sense of adventure! (It's called "Adventures" in Odyssey for crying out loud)

Totally stoked for Errant King! Can't wait.

Aqua said...

1st :

Love the cover image for The Errant King! I'm soooo gonna get the book when it comes out.


For magination station I think I like cove #2 best.


We're behind ya Wayne
Yell Go,GO!

We're behind ya Wayne
Yell Fight,FIGHT!

We're behind ya Wayne
Yell Win'WIN!



Cheers are catchy.

GOD guy said...

Awesome, I love the EK cover, and I like Imagination station #3. I'll pray for your diet, hope it goes well! I have to say, I have been glutinous many a time, the only thing that saved me was my ridiculous metabolism. And I agree, our body's are God's temple, we should treat them well.

Anonymous said...

I really like this EK cover better than the other one. Thanks for the update!

I don't have a preference on the Imagination Station book... maybe #2, though.

Good for you and your weight loss! : ) That's awesome!

Btw, how's GHOST coming along?


KatelynKnick. said...

I like covers 2 or 3. I like the full vew of the ship in 3, and it just seems to have a little more action; the ship slicing through the water and the crew on deck.
P.S. Great job on the diet so far!

Chloe said...

Is there going to be a movie about the door within trilogy????

Sarah Pennington said...

1. I. Love. That. Cover. It is beyond epic. If the cover is that amazing, I can't wait to see what the actual book is like!

2. I like the third one. The first one is ok, but I don't like the way the people are portrayed in the second, and the third just looks way cool.

3. Congrats on your weight loss! I shall pray for you that it continues to go well!

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hey, Thanks, Millster! Mary, I appreciate the yell-potential. Hey, Paris, that is a pretty cool idea. That cover is the one the Focus folks are leaning toward. Anon, thanks for the prayers--and glad you like the EK cover!

And Rachel, no insult at all. It's nice to know such helpful folks! Hey, Jake, I think I'll try to skip the Africa trip! Lol, I don't get along with lions.

Director: does a sore throat keep you from typing too? Wow, tough cold! ;-) Hey, Kayla, thanks for the cover input! Elizabeth, I kinda like that one best too. We'll see what they decide. Robert, 60lbs, that's HUGE. How'd you do it?

Thanks a Ton, Dannal! Hey, StarDreamer, it is a battle because 90% of the stuff that's readily available is bad for ya. But there has to be serious "Want to" to make it happen. I'm just at a point where I really just have to.

Madilyn, thanks for the EK likes! And SHANE, I knew you'd lost big time, but seriously, you are my hero. 143 pounds...that's, well that's just life changing. Any tricks of the trade, things you've figured out over the process?

Thanks, Sir William! I'm secretly hoping for number 3. Ok, not so secretly. Aqua, thanks for the cool fight song!

Leslie and Elizabeth said...

My favorite Imagination Station cover is the third one. :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Not quite the 14 pounds that I lost last week. Only down a single pound this week. I had a blow up day of eating and definitely need more cardio. All set for this week.

Liz said...

I'm very happy for you! I didn't know that Jenny Craig actually would work.

Well, I personally like the #2 Imagination Station book cover. I like how it reflects the ship, and you can see the girls face.

And, the Errant King cover... I love it!

~Just*Flinn~ said...

Hello Mr. Batson! It has been several years since I have been here, so I think I'll dust off some cobwebs. ;)

I have a friend in Germany who is curious about The Door Within series. Do you know of any way she could get the books? Is it available to her there?

Thanks. ;)

Gabe M said...

for the imagination station thing, i'd go for cover number three.

JezziannO said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I do agree it sounds sorta feminine, but nonetheless that is INCREDIBLE that you lost 14lbs. in the first week. And on the Imagination Station Covers I liked one and three. Two is cool cause of the spy glass, but it is just kinda blah. If you added something more that would be my first choice. And on the Errant King thing I could scream with excitement over the fact that it comes out end of October!!!!! Also does that mean that you won the race against Sir Hopper?

JezziannO said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I do agree it sounds sorta feminine, but nonetheless that is INCREDIBLE that you lost 14lbs. in the first week. And on the Imagination Station Covers I liked one and three. Two is cool cause of the spy glass, but it is just kinda blah. If you added something more that would be my first choice. And on the Errant King thing I could scream with excitement over the fact that it comes out end of October!!!!! Also does that mean that you won the race against Sir Hopper?

Administrator said...

Do we know why "The Errant King" is still pre-order status on Amazon? We pre-ordered the day after the release day and no one has it locally.

Adam Jr said...

Mr Batson, I suggest cover 2 or 3. I personally like three, but number 2 is great too. Awesome covers.

And Mr Batson, I wish you luck on your weight loss adventure. You are the most awesome author in the world!!!

Adam the wanna be elf.

Hannah/Eruanna said...

Nice cover, though I found it a little disappointing that you made it look kinda Si-Fi which put me off a bit. Lol i'm like the only negative comment here. Don't mind me haha
God Bless!