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Friday, December 03, 2010

Sword in the Stars: Reviews, Quotes, Tribe Quests and More!

Greetings from Myriad! Smiles, everyone, smiles! Sword in the Stars has been out now for a couple of weeks, and so far, the reviews are great, sales are great, and my publisher is happy!

We've also opened a new website dedicated to all things Sword in the Stars. You can visit by clicking the banner below or by typing into your browser of choice.

One of the things you'll find on the site is an announcement about a live Webinar coming up in the new year. What's a Webinar? It's an online chat between you the reader and me, hosted by my publisher, AMG Inc. I'll be doing a reading from Sword in the Stars, answering questions, and talking a lot about the craft of writing. Hope to talk to you then!

You'll also find a tab for "Free" things. There's already one free Sword in the Stars Wallpaper, and there will be much more to come.

Want to be in my next book?
My publisher has asked for Sword in the Stars reviews and/or quotes from readers. eMail a review or quote, and I'll put your name in the acknowledgments page of Dark Sea Book 2: The Errant King! Just make sure you give me written permission to use your review/quote for promotional purposes! Then, if you don't mind, please post your review on Amazon, CBD, and anywhere else you can find! Thanks! Reviews are due to me by Christmas 2010!

Tribebuilding Final Quest:
Starting TODAY: Purchase a copy of Venom & Song --and/or-- Sword in the Stars from any Christian Bookstore--brick&mortar or online, send proof of purchase to your Tribe Leader, and then give the book to someone for Christmas! Remember, the Tribebuilding Contest ends on Dec. 14th, so all purchases must be made between now and then. And, of course, Christmas is the 25th, so we'll just use the honor system! Here's the point chart:

Purchase & Give 1 book: 7000 Vanadils
Purchase & Give 2 books: 10000 Vanadils Each!
Purchase & Give 3 books: 14000 Vanadils Each!
Purchase & Give 4 books: 21000 Vanadils Each!
Purchase & Give 5 books: 35000 Vanadils Each!

Disclaimers: 5 book limit per person; tribe members cannot pool funds; purchases prior to today do not count for this promotion; tribebuilding contest broadcasts cannot be rebroadcast or transmitted in any form without the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball.


Seth said...

Is there a deadline on when we need to get the quotations/reviews in?

WayneThomasBatson said...

Seth, you rock! Thanks for always asking the right questions! I forgot that little detail. Fixed now, thanks to you! Reviews are due to me by Christmas, 2010!


TheAllebianKnight said...

So, basically, if you give away 4 books, you get 84K?? That's awesome.

Also, can I buy it from an online store such as or amazon?

Anonymous said...

Oohhh Thanks Sir Batson!! I will send you a review right away! and when I figure out how to post them on Amazon...I'll do that too :)

Never Alone!!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I'll be sure to contact the major leagues with any questions :D

Stoked! I need to read SITS so bad! Busy with TDW again right now LOL

Praying this succeeds!

Jake said...

Sir Batson, I already emailed ye with a review of SITS, right? Does that count?

Woot, SS is going to rock this.. :D Unfortunately, my sword must be reforged, for it is dull from lacking of money, so alas I cannot participate this time. :P

WayneThomasBatson said...

AllebKnight: Yep, that's what that means! But no Amazon this time. Just Christian bookstores. If you want to go online, your best price will likely be CBD (Christian Book Distributors).

Eliz, thanks! Can't wait to read it!

Jake, your review was awesome, and yes, that does count. I just need you to resend, stating that I can use review for promotional purposes.

thelastolympian said...

Oh, OK. It's just because I can get a GREAT deal (only 35 dollars total) on I'll use CBD, though. That's cool.

Anonymous said...

What if we know the manager of a Barnes and Noble that is a Christian and about 80% of the books he orders for is store are Christian books? I asked him to get SitS for me, and I'm planning on giving it to a friend for her birthday this month. Does that count?

SitS was awesome, by the way!! You'll be getting my review!!


Elven Princess said...

ooh... I guess this means I better go to the bookstore soon... hmmm.. but there is not really anyone I could give a book too.... ooh, I know!!! lol! Christian bookstore here I come!!!

Sorry I can't send in a review right now... my book that I ordered is coming on around the 14th... I just hope it comes quicker... But Id love to be in your book. :D Just say that I love every book that you put out so far and I cannot wait for all your next books. :D

Son of the King said...

Mr. Batson,

Wow, I loved SITS! I just finished reading it,! Great job and keep up your great work because I absolutely love your writing.

~Son of the King~
(At 33k in ITML)

Greg said...

I read the book (release party was great!) I'll email a review soon, I have one on my blog, too

IluvTrenna said...

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I love it!!!!! :D