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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Christian Authors all over Champaign? Gasp!!

I just know there are some tea totalers out there thinking, "See, I told you those fantasy authors are agents of the devil! Look, they are drinking champagne and boasting about it!"


Not champagne...we mean Champaign, as in the cool city in Illinois!

As a result of the Tribe Building Contest, author Christopher Hopper and I will be flying out to the great state of Illinois and having a private book signing party with Nightwing Tribe, the Tribebuilding Challenge Winner from last year.

But later that day, Christopher and I will descend upon the local Borders store to meet and greet the public. ALL are WELCOME!! You don't have to be an Elf! But please no Drefids or Warspiders!

So if you live in Illinois or will be in the area, please drop by and see us! Even if you can't go, tell friends and family who might be in the area. Signed books make RIGHTEOUS Christmas gifts! :-D

Here are the details of the event:

Where: Borders, West Town Blvd, Champaign IL
When: Saturday, Oct. 16th, 2pm-5pm
What: Authors Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson
Why: Well, because we are two wild and crazy, entertaining author type dudes who will sword fight, insult each other (not you), and sign your books with all kinds of pithy wisdom stuff!

Hope to see you there! You are coming, aren't you? Don't make us beg. :-D


Brock Eastman said...

So mad! Because I lived in Eureka, IL all my life just 2 hours north. In fact I was just back a week ago, but alas I am back in Colorado. Sad to miss you guys.

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

OH MAN! I wish I could go! But Illinois is sooooooooo far away for me. :( I hope everyone else has fun!!!! :D

Auberne` Ancalimon @-`---

Star-Dreamer said...

OM Gosh! I live in Illinios too! Actually 10 min away from Eureka. And it's on a saturday which means I don't have School!!!! I definitely want to do this... Borders are my favorite bookstores... I'll strive to be there!!!!! :D *So Excited!*

Precentor said...

Does this one count for points to traveling to signing events?!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO Oh I sooo wish I lived in IL still!! We used to live around there...Ah well..Have fun though!!! :):)

Never Alone!!

Emily said...

Yes! I'm excited! I live right outside of Chicago, and im now set on convincing my parents to take me.

Rachel Kimberly said...

Oh yeah, I'll be there. :)

I know you said no Elven lineage is required, but I still may show up in a cloak.

SilverAngel said...

YES! i will be there :D HUZZAH! this shall be awesome XD

Shortcake said...

sigh...u really need to come to NC so i can see yall lol or virgina i can go there 2 XD

Anonymous said...

Too cool! I live in IL. too! Hope to make it out there... btw i like your intro. :D

Star-Dreamer said...

So excited! I just won a copy of Venom and Song through a contest on one of the blogs I follow. I should have it by Saturday. And I'll probably show up in my own elvish costume, even though my family thinks I'm way to old to act childish... (I refuse to believe I am. :D)

I can't wait!

And it will definitely be interesting to find out who all follows this blog and lives in Illinois and what not.

By the way, Mr. Batson, this may sound funny, but the photo on the dust flaps of your books reminds me so much of my dad it's not even funny. I showed my mom; she agreed. :)

whisper said...

Quite happily, I shall be coming! Silver Angel, Evergreena, Millard, SA, Star-Dreamer, and others, I cannot wait to meet you all!


Christopher Hopper said...

Can't wait for this!!! WOOT! ch:

Ness said...

Hurray for party's!!!! and for every one tho cannot attend you can go to to wath live stream!

Can't wait!

RH said...

Super sorry that we couldn't make it!! Make sure you post a blog all about it!

Jake said...

*sigh* What I saw of the tribe party was...EPIC. :O