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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tribe Building Contest: Quest Alert!

March 1st.

That is the deadline for the Curse of the Spider King Tribe Building Contest. Right now, the standings are close. VERY CLOSE. I will post standings one more time before the end.

Time Sensitive Quest!

Looking for Vanadil Points? Here's a chance to get a pile of them:

Purchase a Copy of Curse of the Spider King by clicking on my Amazon link in the sidebar. This purchase is designated as a gift that you plan to give to a friend or family member this Easter. This quest is repeatable as often as you wish, but only until March 1st. Note: this does not apply to books purchased prior to today: Feb. 19th.

Vanadils Earned for each Spider King Book Purchased for this Quest: 5000

This also applied to any of my other books purchased from my sidebar Amazon links, but the vanadils earned will be 1000 per book.


Celebrilomiel said...

But I have a question - for the quest, do you have to buy the book from Amazon for it to count? Or could you get it at a bookstore?

Barie said...

Figures you'd post something like this, right after I gave a copy of one of your books to a friend . . . ugh. I knew I should have held on to my extra book for a bit longer . . .

Millardthemk said...

Hi WTB, also, can I give my bought book away? I have a book I bought from amazon(CotSK) but got a signed copy as well. Could I give the bought one away for the points?

Thanks Millard

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Celeb, you're gonna do it? WOOT!
Barie, did you email me that for the report?

WTB, neato idea. Wish I had money ::facepalm:: When can we expect a point update? Also, are there any librarian books left?

Anonymous said...

About the deadline;

Does that mean that at exactly 12:00am, March 1rst, any point-earning tasks we have done must have been reported to you?

Like, suppose I earned 500 points on the last day of February but didn't turn them until March 1 at lunchtime. Would they still count, or would they have to have made it into the Feb. 28 midnight tribe report in order to be valid?

Lord forbid that we should have this kind of chaos that night but I want to be prepared. :)


Wayne Leeke said...

Cool beans! I'll look in to buying it for a points boost. Quest is, who should I give it to?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Tough question Wayne. How about you buy two copies ;) One for you to READ, the other to give away on your blog. That counts right? blog giveaways?

Anonymous said...

What if I can purchase the books cheaper somewhere besides Amazon and don't go through your links? Do I still get the 1,000 points each book?


Anonymous said...

Hey, where'd the sidebar go?
-whisper... confused.