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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Little Help: Title of Isle of Swords Sequel

Hey, Blogfam, I need some opinions. As you know I'm feverishly pounding the keys on the sequel to Isle of Swords. I had a title for it, but it lost its luster as I realized it gave away something important for the first book--not a good thing when you want people to read the first book. {ahem}

So, I've got a new title in mind, and I want to run it by you. Here's what I need if you are willing to lend aid:

1. Does the title grab your attention?
2. Does the title promise danger, action, and adventure?
3. Given the target age, middle school on up, is the title appropriate?
4. Do you see any problems, unintended connotations, etc?

The tentative title is:

Rain of Fire


everlastingscribe said...

I think your title does all of the things that you want it to do, but unfortunately, it also made my mind go to the movie "Reign of Fire".

Oooh. Dragons. 'Splosions. Ooooh.

Sorry, but it did. Maybe I'm the only one that will think that way. ;) We all know how weird I am.

Besides, you could call it "The Fluffy Cupcake and Rainbow Kitty Adventure" and I'd read it.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Yes, I'm aware of the 2002 Dragon movie, not the best dragon movie, though the SFX weren't bad.

I doubt my main demographic will think of that movie as it's 5 years old, but...

The question is, if you are looking for a book, and see a cool cover with a tall ship battle or something similar, does it matter if the title sounds like an old movie?

Merrie Destefano said...

I like your new proposed title very much. It did flicker through my mind as Reign of Fire, but not because of any movie. Only because my mind plays with words. It made me wonder if Reign of Fire would work for this book.

But, I really Rain of Fire. It's visual, it's dangerous, it's poetic. I can see the potential for a great cover illustration.

Love it.

Dannal said...

I wrote a pirate novel a few years back, which I sent out to a couple of publishers before my daughter was born and I stopped sending stuff out. It's about time the CBA sees a good pirate novel for kids.

Why don't you go with the same theme and just alter the wording a bit?

Torrent of Fire

Storm of Fire

Hail of Fire

Stream of Fire

Surge of Fire

Volley of Fire

Barrage of Fire

Incidentally, the main character of my pirate story is a boy named Henry Thorne. I thought that was funny since I read that your pirate is Bartholemew Thorne.


Brett said...

Rain of Fire is very eye catching. Makes me think of sulfur streaming down from above. :)

Justin B. said...

Hmmm... very hard, I am not the best at choosing titles. I kinda like Rain of Fire, it brings a sense of danger to a reader about to start the book. I do not think many will correlate it, especially your target audience, with Reign of Fire.

Patrick said...

Great title Mr. Batson! It stokes the fires of the imagination, imparting images of adventure, danger, desperate deeds, and a hint of fantasy!

Becky said...

I'm not the best one with titles either. I thought of Reign of Fire for the same reason Merrie did. I wasn't aware there was a movie. After making the adjustment--No, he really is saying "rain"--I had a little trouble visualizing it. OK, volcanos came to mind, but then you mentioned in your comment a cover with a tall ship battle.

So that got me to thinking, maybe try for something a little more parallel with the first book's title. Not necessary of course. But since the first one was Isle (place) of Swords (dangerous, deadly object), maybe something like Ship (place) of Fire (dangerous, deadly object).

Or not. I'll read it either way, too.

To answer your questions:
1. Somewhat
2. Yes
3. Not really. I suspect "rain of fire" is outside their field of experience, so they may not connect with it.
4. Nope.


James Somers said...


I would agree that my first thought is of something "raining down" ie, fire. It doesn't make me think ship battle.
I would disagree with changing rain to another word like (hail, surge, etc...) they don't really connect either and don't sound as good in that phrase as the word "rain."

I have a question: Will it be "Isle of Swords: Rain of Fire?" or just "Rain of Fire?"

Is there another element you might focus on from the story..."The Depths, The Deep, Raging Seas, Storms, Castaways, --Any piratey terminology which kids will connect with?--

I understand, Tommy Nelson may already have some cover stuff in the works, so maybe your in a tight spot having to connect with it?


James Somers said...

How about something with the title character's name in it?

By the time they get to book two, the kids will be connecting with your boy protag anyway and they'll remember him...connect, connect connect?

How about the name of some cool place from the story in the title or some epic event which happens in the story in the title. It's more specific to the story and may have the fans wondering "ooh that sounds like something neat is going to happen!"

Hope some of this helps...btw, when I read the word "Blogfam" in your post...I immediately thougt "that would make a really cool character name or Blogflam."


Merrie Destefano said...

Okay, now after reading the other comments I realize that I may have been wearing my sci-fi hat, instead on my fantasy cap.

I really thought there would be some burning fire that fell from the sky.

Despite all my confusion, my final answer is: I would still buy a book with the title "Rain of Fire." It makes me want to know more. Even if I never really see any fire falling out of the sky.

PatShand said...

Good title, but not for this project. "Rain of Fire", for me, implies apocalypse. Not to mention a very popular episode of "ANGEL" has the "Rain of Fire" subtitle, so people might connect it with that in their heads. I'd go for something more piratey.

Aravis said...

Rain of Fire with wooden ships...that could prove problematic :)

I think the title should imply that this book belongs to the world of adventure on the high seas, even though it's a sequel to a book that clearly states so. Rain of Fire has a great visual value, but I don't think it will work in this case.

Also, having strolled the fantasy section of Borders recently, there a lot of books with elemental titles, so it might not catch the eye as well as you might think.

What are some other possibilities? Whatever you choose, it's your title, but since you're asking, I'd like to share my thoughts.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Thanks for all the info! But for all who are wondering how Rain of Fire is piratey, well...let's just say it totally is in my book. This sequel will have all the elements that people want for pirate books, BUT some huge genre surprises. And yes, a Rain of Fire on wooden ships would be problematic. That's the idea. lol

Galactic Overlord-In-Chief said...

I like dannal's list of suggestions. They're more eyecatching than simply "Rain" of Fire.

- Jason

Roheryn said...

its an interesting title... I'd probably pick it up...

although, I, like others, saw 'Rain' and immediately played with it, seeing 'Reign' before realizing it was the stuff that falls from the sky.

Then 'gain... I also thought of Thread from the Pern books, 'cause I'm reading them now....

Kare Alethieas said...

I like it. I haven't seen Reign of Fire, so my mind wouldn't make that connection.

I'm immediately interested, though.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what it's about so I can't say. I'm a big pirate fan, when Pirates 2 came out I thought a Christian should do a pirate story (even had a few ideas myself). So I'm glad you're doing it.

Merrie Destefano said...

Yes. Rain of Fire.



James Somers said...

IF it's a plot element then go for it man! Sounds pretty cool!


Amy Browning said...

The funniest thing is that Rain of Fire has obviously sparked different pictures into all of our minds, just from reading the comments. I think that's a great thing to spark. Every person will make their own assumptions from the title and then after reading it, will discover the real meaning.

It's what a title should be: A little mysterious, very exciting, and just vague enough to appeal to a wide audience.

chrisd said...

It's fine. It does not bring any piratey things to my mind, though.

Look, I found a quarter. (that's a Larry Boy joke)

Pais Charos said...

It doesn't give me any piratey thoughts either - but at the same time, it might leave people wondering, "Why is a pirates book called Rain of Fire? Let's find out...."

After all, you did say the plot will fit the title, so when people read it they'll get the "Oh THAT's why!! Cool!"

Eve said...

Initial shivers of excitement, love the hot/cold feel-an instant hook.

How about my title:Rebel of Castuenda? (Fantasy for preteens and up)

Anonymous said...

will the fantasy fiction tour ever come to the midwest?

gwenne said...

I think it's an awesome title and it would defentatly grab my attencion!! :D

WayneThomasBatson said...

Welllll, turns out there is already a "Rain of Fire" book. Came out last year…a tale of a the volcano under Yellowstone erupting. I'm really considering Torrent of Fire, but waiting to see what my publisher thinks.

Thanks for all the suggestions. And Dannal, if we go with Torrent of Fire, I will be putting you in my acknowledgments!

dannal said...

That sounds awesome, Wayne. Too bad I can't come up with good titles for my own stories. Cheers.