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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CSFF Tour, Day 2: Where the Map Ends

Where the Map Ends: An Author's Armory

Remember that scene from Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, the scene where Aragorn is discouraged by the situation at Helm's Deep?* He knows a cloud of orcs is about to descend, and he knows that the defender force of those who "have seen too many winters…or too few" will be sorely inadequate to face the coming storm. Aragorn meets a young lad, sees the fear in this teen warrior's eyes, and something changes for Aragorn. He decides then and there that the odds may be in the enemy's favor, but there is hope. He breathes life into this young warrior's heart, and in so doing, Aragorn finds his own strength. Then, the good part: a pounding, pulsing brass musical score playing beneath the scene, Aragorn enters the armory and starts gearing up. Belts tightened, swords--and daggers--sheathed, coats of mail girded, and bows slung! Aragorn is ready for battle.

This scene is remarkably applicable to the Christian writer, esp. to one not yet published. You may be struggling, not knowing where to begin. Maybe you're daunted by questions: Is there a market for Christian Fantasy or SciFi? How do I get an agent? Maybe even…What font, size, and spacing should I use for a manuscript? Maybe, like Aragorn, you feel called to do something great but feel inadequate for the task. The enemy may seem huge--overwhelming even. But then…you visit the armory, Where the Map Ends, and everything changes.
Jeff Gerke, creator of
Where the Map Ends.

Jeff Gerke has put together an Armory for the Christian Writer. You want tips to improve your writing, click HERE. You want ideas to get you started or unblocked, click HERE. You want an overview of how to get published, click HERE. Agents, Advances, Marketing, Writing a Synopsis--it's all found at the click of a button on Where the Map Ends.

Mannnn, if I'd only known all this about fifteen years ago…LOL

The main page of the Jeff's site is enough to stir the writing passion God has placed within you. Don't believe me? See what it did for author Christopher Hopper. But if the passion is already simmering, but you just don't know where to start, may I suggest you begin Where the Map Ends.

*Yes, I'm a LoTR geek and fiercely proud of it.


Josh said...

there is a little LoTR geek in all of us, for me its the hobbit. I just love that book. ^_^ and as for where the map ends. Its a wonderful site. I have been looking at it over the past few days and i find it utterly fascinating. I cant wait for march 1st !

Jefferson Scott said...

Whoa, Wayne, what an awesome promotion for WhereTheMapEnds.

To even be part of a comparison to Aragorn son of Arathorn is an incredible honor for a fellow LOTR geek like me.

I'm humbled. Thanks again.


Astral Pen said...

There might be a little LOTR geek in me, but my Star Trek geek is much bigger. :)

- Jason

Anonymous said...

I'm a LOTR Junkie!! :)
I saw Bridge to Terabithia today. *sob* It inspired me. I need the book.
Keep your mind wide open!!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Wow! You painted the scene for me and I was right back in the moment. Has anyone ever told you you could be a storyteller? ;-)

Nice job, Wayne.

Now I have to ask you to add a link (another one) I omitted from our participants' list: Nicole and Wayne Thomas Batson. (I'll leave yours up just so you get another link today--I owe you!)

(So, are we tired yet of typing in the verification letters??)


Nicole said...

Hey, what's wrong with being a LOTR geek? =)

I love your site, it's pretty. Makes me think of your cover art. And reading your writing style on your blog has made me even more eager to read your books. (I joined the Tour late, and haven't gotten The Door Within yet.)


(PS, thanks for the link, Becky!)

WayneThomasBatson said...

GOiC, I'm more of a Ringer than a Trekkie, but I will always have a soft spot for the original ST series. Good old, Mr. Scott!

Brett, Bridge was such a phenomenal book and now movie. It forces the reader to ask a lot of BIG questions. I love that.

Becky, I was able to paint that LoTR TT scene so well because I've seen it about 500 times! {GEEK! Why yes, I am.}

Nicole, thanks for coming by. You are always welcome. If you read The Door Within books, let me know what you think. Btw, I like your blog. Wyrms Yarns--too cool.

amy said...

Thanks to you Mr. B, we who are unpublished get to access this cornucopia of information. I'm thankful to have a resource that contains more answers than I have questions. It's great! Really great!

Kait said...

Great review and comments!

Oh, I got my Door Within Trilogy in the other day. I can't believe how absolutely beautiful they are! I can't wait to read them!

amy said...

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to introduce you all to our newest contributer. She goes by Aravis. I know her online, outside of here, and she's already posted an entry under "mystery."


WayneThomasBatson said...

Hey, Kait, thanks for getting my books. I hope the story lives up to the packaging! ;-)

And welcome to Aravis! I've already read some of her stuff. Pretty talented I'd say at first blush.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I love the picture:the snear, the come-and-taste-my-steel attitude, and especially the drawn sword. It makes you want to go out there and conquer something:)

Anonymous said...

Wayne, sorry I didn't drop by until now. I was swamped during the tour and could only participate cursorily. (Is that a word?)

I am not only a LotR geek, I married one. My wife watches the trilogy when she cleans the house by herself. (When I help the kids are usually around, so we can't watch it then.)

Needless to say, she beats me bad when we play LotR Trivial pursuit. But I beat her in LotR Risk, so we consider it a draw.

Did I mention I was a geek?

Also, I used to show the end of Fellowship--Boromir's death--when my students read Beowulf. The parallels to Beowulf are incredible. He's the ring giver. He dies protecting his people. He cuts off Grendells arm (as Aragorn does with the Uruk-hai at the end of Fellowship...)

Rachel A. Marks said...

Oh, I love the way you put that! An armory. That's perfect.

I'm gonna start calling you Mr. Clever. :D

WayneThomasBatson said...

LoTR Risk and Trivial Pursuit? Don't forget LoTR Monopoly. ;-)

Josh said...

Well you are both leaving out my LoTR checkers and chess. ^_^

WayneThomasBatson said...

Ooooohhhh, LoTR Chess? Is there such a thing? {We wants it. Yessss…my precious, we wants it for our very ownses.}

Josh said...

ooo yes we all love king Aragorn you know what i dont know what happened to my lord of the rings chess set lol i need to look for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget LoTR Stratego!!!! Good times :)