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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas morning. My oldest daughter just gave me a kiss on the cheek--a rare and beautiful thing. My boys are taking turns skateboarding and riding a new bike. My youngest daughter looks like a snow angel in her new dress. I am reminded of how generous our Father in Heaven is. I am grateful to have four healthy, happy children. I'm grateful to be alive to see their Christmas joy. I'm grateful that, as an author, I have a chance to serve along side God in this Great Adventure.

So, Merry Christmas to everyone and anyone who calls Jesus, Lord and Saviour. And for any who don't, who might still be kicking the tires on this "Christianity thing," and wondering if God could really be real, three questions for you, and three promises:

Questions: Answer them honestly
1. Do you really believe that the whole world in all its intricate beauty and design, ALL happened by sheer chance?
2. Do you really believe that this life, just 80 years or so (90+ if we are very fortunate), are all that there is--and nothing else?
3. When you drive to work in traffic, slam a door after an argument, or watch the first 15 minutes of news, do you ever wonder if there's something dreadfully wrong with this world?

If you answer, no to 1&2 or yes to #3, I have three promises for you. Actually, these are God's promises with my paraphrase.
1. There is someone who knows you--really knows you. He knew you before you were born. He knows every secret you've ever kept. He knows your fears, your hopes, your failures, he even knows those things that "if anyone else knew," you'd feel ashamed---and YET, He loves you anyway.
2. There is beyond this life a paradise beyond our imagination and adventures which, if we could glimpse them for just one second, would leave us breathless. This eternal world is there for the taking.
3. No amount of selfmedication (alcohol, food, sex, relationships, etc.) will ever fully take away the awful truth that this world and all the people in it, are flawed. There is only one God who can satisfy your soul. He will give you the living water that begins to quench your eternal thirst.

Merry Christmas and a thoughtful New Year.

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