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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How do you do it?

I'm sure a lot of authors get asked that question. Especially, if the author is married. Especially if the author has children. Especially if the author works another full time job because (surprise to the general public) not all authors are getting rich.

My answer: God is really, really good. We have a lot of ways of saying this: God provides, God was there for me, God gave me the inspiration. But if you are as busy as I am or even worse, a cliche just won't cut it. Let's remember the people God places in our path who enable us to do something worthwhile.

My wife is the reason I was able to write for 10+ hours today. She became Mom and Dad, put toys together, found batteries, made meals, did laundry, and 100 other things I'd never even dream of doing even if I was at home. ;-) MY wife is a gift from God.

And by the way, I finished three more scenes of Isle of Swords, today, and think I'll write a few more hours yet. Pushing toward the conclusion now. Very fun stuff.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Batson,

My name is Sharaya and I'm 13 years old, I just recently finsihed reading The Door Within series and absolutely LOVED them!! I couldn't put the books down and was amazed at the different twists and turns the book took. I also enjoyed the way you ended the chapters on an exciting note. It kept me wanting to read more and more until finally i finished, 24 hours after I began to read.
I fell in love with the characters at the begining of The Door Within series. Antoinette esspecially, is my favorite, she is full of life and loyalty, spirit and strenghth. She is a magnificent character!!!
I'm soo very happy that you wrote these books! They have inspired me in ways that only a book can! These books have strengthened my relationship with Christ Jesus and my trust in him, and him alone.
I'm am a writer as well and have completed a stage play with thousands of unfinished works left on the computer that I intend to get back to and begin to finish right away!!!
Thank you very much again!! And i look forward to reading more of your intriguing stories!!

-Sharaya (13), AZ

WayneThomasBatson said...


Thank you so much for writing. Did I understand you read the entire trilogy in 24hours??

That is amazing! AMAZING!!

And I am honored to hear that you feel your faith strengthened by what you read. That has always been my hope.

Yes, please do get to those unfinished stories/screenplays. There is a story (or 10) within you that you and only you can tell.

Never Alone!