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Sunday, April 08, 2018

The NEW Author-ized Editions of Sword in the Stars & The Errant King—what's the deal?

A lot of readers ask me, what's new about these "Author-ized" editions of Sword in the Stars and The Errant King? Many readers purchased the original editions back in 2012 and are wondering if the new versions are worth getting. A little background might help answer those questions:

The original Sword in the Stars and The Errant King were published by AMG/Living Ink Publishing. I am grateful beyond words that AMG contracted me for those books and the whole Dark Sea Annals series. Unfortunately, changes in the publishing market made events go in a direction neither AMG nor I wanted. eBooks hit publishers hard, and AMG became stretched too thin. In the end, their fiction brand collapsed. After that, AMG was gracious enough to grant me back the rights to the whole series. 

That was a huge relief because I really feel like this series, now The Myridian Constellation, is the passion of my writing life. God has given me bits and pieces of this 7 book epic, and I hope and pray that all seven books will rock your world, honor God with craft, skill, and accuracy, and ignite passions within readers to dare to adventure in God's kingdom.

To those ends, I hired a professional editor so that we could clean up the manuscripts. With her help, I've added thousands and thousands of new words to each book. Don't worry! I didn't change any substantial plot lines, eliminate characters, or make any other drastic decisions that would warrant a good shin-kicking. What I did do is quite a bit more character building, a ton of foreshadowing for the rest of the series, and (HOPEFULLY) upgraded the language of the written craft. 

On top of that, I've hired a new interior designer (Malachi Armas) to give the series a more epic feel. I've hired the amazing (Caleb Havertape-illustration) for new cover art—and am completely blown away by his work. All in all, I feel like the series is becoming all that it was meant to be. 

Book 3 in the series "The Forsaken Continent" should be released this Summer. Book 4 "Mirror of Souls" will likely be early 2019.

I hope some of this info will help you make a good decision regarding the purchase of the new books. Thank you, as always, for your devoted readership. Never alone.


Tracey Dyck said...

I'm so excited! I saw you're going to be at Realm Makers this summer. Will you have copies of books 1 and 2 available for purchase there?

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Tracey, yes, I'm planning to have both books there...and maybe Forsaken Continent too!

Anonymous said...

YAY! when will the errant king come out in paper? I looked for it at my local bookstore but it wasn't there : (

Unknown said...

So happy it's finally out.

Unknown said...

So happy that it's finally out.

Tracey Dyck said...

Can't wait!!! Sword in the Stars is one of my favorite Batson books, so it'll be awesome to read the revamped version, and maybe get it signed too. :)

Elly said...

EEEEE!!!! YAY!!! I've been waiting on the rest of this series for YEARS!! Bought the first two books when they first came out and DEVOURED them immediately! So EXCITED to know that this series wasn't forgotten! WOO!!

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Batson,
I have some questions about the Canadian rights of these books- My library has said that they can't get them because there are no Canadian rights for them. I would appreciate it if you could contact me about this or tell me who I should ask about this.
Thank you,

Unknown said...

As a fan that’s been probably committed since Aiden first fell down the moonrascal hole, I can say I’ve read the Door within trilogy, the spiderwick Chronicles, and the pirate trilogy, but what you’ve done with the Myridian Chronicles is by far my favorite epic/fantasy I’ve ever read. So, I’ve been waiting and watching for the next few books, and I saw you said that book 3 should be available this summer.. well, it’s August �� I haven’t seen it yet �� please please as your biggest fan, it is out right? I can finally read your masterpiece? �� not trying to rush perfection, just insanely eager to read it