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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Creation vs Evolution: The Debate RAGES on. But, maybe there Should be Less Rage.

I'm a Christian and a creationist. I believe that God created the world. And frankly, I think it's immature how some evolutionary thinkers act like creationists are stupid or insane or both. BUT, I'm even more concerned by Christian creationists who are beginning to represent evolutionists as stupid or crazy or both. We Christians are supposed to know better than that. Love neighbors as yourself, right?

I think we've already lost the chance at an honest discussion if we characterize those who believe in evolution as idiots. It's insulting, and, for the most part, it's just not true. Evolution believers run the full spectrum of intelligence just as creationists do. There are some absolutely BRILLIANT people on that side of the argument. Don't kid yourself. These are people who, at the highest levels, if engaged in an informal debate with most of us, would undress our arguments in record time.

And don't laugh off the evidence for evolution. There's TONS of it, much of it at the microbial level which most of us wouldn't even begin to understand. HOWEVER, their intelligence and the metric tons of evidence don't prove evolution is true. All it proves is that if you have a predisposed bias toward a naturalistic explanation of the world, THEN, evolution is the Inference to the Best Explanation. They see the fossil record, the similar DNA, the similar biological features...and they conclude: common ancestor.

Our side, the Creationist side, is the same. Brilliant folks here too. And metric tons of evidence for Creation. And, I believe, it's built so much more on common sense. Our predisposed bias toward a supernatural explanation of the world leads to creation as our Inference to Best Explanation. We see the fossil record, the similar DNA, the similar biological features...and we conclude: common Artist.

The trouble comes when either side fails to grant that the other side might have a shred of intelligence and an inference worth at least considering respectfully in an open dialogue. The secondary trouble comes when either side mistakenly represents its argument as FACT. Both Evolution and Creation are theories...inferences, conclusions drawn from evidence.

In addition, if we're ALL honest, both sides of the argument are really engaged in a belief system. Evolution's religion = naturalism. Creation's religion = Christianity (among some others). None of us were alive when everything began. And none of us lived long enough to confirm or deny what we believe happened over time. In fact, if you go back far enough, both evolutionists and creationists believe in a type of supernatural creator. Evolutionists / naturalists go back to an eternal particle or element, from which everything evolved. Christians go back to an eternal God who created everything.

Rather than shot insults at each other, maybe we should begin with those things that we have in common. My .02. 


Elton said...

It's always nice to see people who are able to understand that people on the other side of an argument might not be stupid or evil. I myself am a christian but I see no real reason why God couldn't use evolution or why we have to take the time in the first few chapter of the bible as being a literal 7 days. Mostly though I feel that the argument is largely irrelevant. Whether God created the world in 7 days, used evolution or created it yesterday to look like it's been around doesn't seem all that important and as a Christian I wish we would stop focusing on trying to be right and start focusing a bit more on the job we were given to do.

Anonymous said...

I don't think both sides can agree, Mr. Batson. I agree that as a YEC (young-earth creationist) (and a follower of Christ), I see my fellow man as made in the image of God and smart, intelligent, and creative. But how can we agree? Even on the stuff that we agree on? That out there some where, there is an eternal mostly (if not all) powerful thing? And what if the "god particle" went out of existence after it supposedly created everything? Then it's not eternal. So then both sides can agree on what? That way back when, some where out there, there was a powerful thing? I quite honestly can't see how both sides would agree to that...

And Elton, There are huge theological problems when you put evolution into the Bible. The question should not be "Could God have used Evolution (or millions of years) to bring about the creation of the earth?". The real question should be "What does the Bible say about God creating the earth?".

Can anyone who reads this give me one verse in the Bible that says God used evolution? One verse, one passage from the Bible would be enough.

Look, I believe God could have used evolution to bring about the creation of the world. But if so, I also believe that God would have clearly shown that in His holy word. When you take the Bible as face value, in an exegesis study (What does the Bible say on it's own without interperation) you see a young earth. Not only that, but modern secularist hebrew scholars would agree that when they look at the Bible, it advocates for a young earth.

I know Mr. Batson doesn't want this to turn into a huge debate on the "facts" of both sides. And I agree. But I disagree with you, Mr. Batson in that I don't think there is any thing we can agree on substancially. I do agree though that both sides should not keeping bashing people in the face, and try to disgrace them, but speak and debate with a civil, graceful, and altogether nice tongue.

Respectfully (though some would probably say 'ignorantly', or even 'arrogantly') submitted,


George North said...

Thank you for writing this post! I have had exposure to both sides, with the Creationists elbowing me for saying I support Microevolution and respect Darwin with regard to that theory, and the Evolutionists attacking me for daring to question the solidity of their data. I am glad that there is someone else who feels that there needs to be more respect and open-mindedness, and less viewing the other people as being ignorant and unintelligent. I like how you inferred that science is not going to prove any of this, which is true, as it is orchestrated by flawed people and therefore will never be completely objective.
One note: you stated that evolution has tons of evidence in support of it, which is difficult to agree with, as much, if not most, of evolution's evidence is drawn from faulty or highly selective data. (Most people will not agree with this, but if truly researched, you will find that there is a lot that scientists are not telling you.)
I also have a question: what are your thoughts on reconciling Evolution to Creationism? I have seen this attempted and am not sure it is Biblical.
Anyway, thanks again for your post! It was encouraging. I apologize for all the run-on sentences and the overuse of colons and the letter 'I'. :)

Karis Nightengale said...

Sir Batson -
Great post! So true ... we need to love our enemies, even if we don't agree with them. It can be hard sometimes, but in the end, we will win more people over to God through understanding and grace than with nasty arguments and mockery. That's just hypocritical.

In regards to a few of the comments, as to 'why evolution can't fit in the Bible' there is a very real and serious answer (aside from the obvious 'it's not in the Bible.' Not only is it relevant, it is pivotal to the Christian faith, which most people don't realize.

Genisis is the foundation for the entire Bible. It shows where sin came from, why there is death and suffering, why there are fossils on mountains, and where the difference languages come from. Most importantly, though, sin.

Sin is what happened when man rebelled against God. God didn't create sin - he gave man a choice: obey him, or die. And, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit, they slowly but inevitably began to die, like all of us.

If we try to put evolution into Genisis, not only does it conflict with 'seven days creation', but it actually dissolves the entire reason for Jesus dying on the cross. Evolution teaches that suffering = man, but the Bible teaches that man = suffering. "=" meaning led to, basically.

So, if we are nothing more than humans evolved from millions of years of death and suffering, then where did sin come from? Well, God put it here. He made the world bad, so Jesus would just be dying for His mistake! How does that work?

In conclusion, can theistic evolutionist go to heaven? Absolutely! ... If their heart is in the right place. Although this may not be an 'am I saved by Jesus and am I going to Heaven' question ... it is still pivotal.

I hope this answered all yall's questions, and please forgive my wordiness! ;)