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Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviews…and the Final Quest!

Greetings, all! I just received a very nice surprise from One of their staff wrote a phenomenal review of Isle of Swords...with a promise of reviewing Isle of Fire soon. Please check it out by clicking one of the links below:

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Also, just three weeks left on the Isle of Fire Treasure Hunt, so it's time for the FINAL QUEST.

Your Task: Write a review of Isle of Swords and/or Isle of Fire for Amazon. Email me the body of the review and when you posted it. Because I'm trying to build buzz for the pirate books right now, I'll award you 200 points for the review (400 for both). If you've already written one, that counts. Just email me a reminder with the body of the review.

Multiplier 1: Get someone else to write an Amazon review for IOS and IOF. Just email me who you encouraged to do it, the body of the text, and when it was posted.

Multiplier 2: Isle of Swords currently has 32 reviews. Isle of Fire has 8 reviews. I want to see Isle of Swords reach 50 reviews. If we get the 18 reviews to push to 50 by the end of the Treasure Hunt (Oct. 18), everyone who wrote a review gets a bonus 1000 points. If we get the 22 reviews for IOF to push it to 30 reviews by the end of the Treasure Hunt (Oct. 18), everyone who wrote a review gets 1000points.

NOTE: If this happens, I'll need you to email me your review and personally claim your points--even if you wrote your review long before this quest began!

Multiplier 3: If we write enough reviews to get IOS to 50 --AND-- IOF to 30, everyone who wrote reviews gets 3,000 points!

NOTE: If this happens, I'll need you to email me your review and personally claim your points--even if you wrote your review long before this quest began!

About reviews--Make sure your Amazon review adheres to the following:

1. Reviews must be at least 5 sentences.
2. Reviews must include a little about the story (but NO SPOILERS).
3. Reviews must include what you like and don't like about the story.
4. Reviews must include who you think would like the story (Ex. Teens will especially love Isle of Swords because many of the main characters are all teenagers.)

PS: If you are in the contest and are too young to leave a review on Amazon, your parent can post one for you.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Do we get points for all the reviews our friends do?

Brock Eastman said...

ROCK ON!!! This is awesome everyone better do like at least one so we can get the bonus!!

WayneThomasBatson said...

RT, yes! You earn 200 additional points for every person you influence to write a review.

Just sent me an email saying, "My friend Bob read Isle of Fire, so I told him to write a review on Amazon. He did. Here's his review: Blah, blah, great book, blah..."

I already see 2 new IOS and 3 new IOF. Nice work!

Btw if anyone wants to know how to write a sweet review, check out FredTownWard's style. He should do professional reviews for PW or some such. WOW

Brock Eastman said...

I just had my friend Tom write one, so now I suppose I need to find a lot more friends this could be rough.

Brock Eastman said...


Isle of Fire

Awesome read. Taking to the high seas again we are in the midst of a struggle that holds in suspense but reveals little pieces to us as we sail. With the evil merchant in the mix, we wonder where Cat will lay hi allegiances. Something that also caught my interest was looking at the cover of the book and seeing what looked to be a Viking ship (Must read to understand.) Again the story set on the high seas and to some interesting locals creates a story with beautiful settings and compelling characters. Excellent for teenagers and adults alike.


Isle of Swords

Wow! I first picked this book up back in Borders in Illinois with no idea that Mr. Batson was a Christian author. What an awesome story that had lead to so many questions.

The story begins with our future hero awakening on an island with no memory of who he is and how he got there. He is beaten and bruised. The only thing he has for information is a pouch that holds a shock of hair, a small cross, and a large green jewel. What a great time to write about Pirates, when so much attention is being paid to those who ruled the high seas. In the likes of Pirates of the Carribean, another great story interweaving aspects of Christianity into a world of excitement and adventure. I can not wait for the sequel to hit bookstore shelves.

My friend Tom's reviews:


I was told to read this by my friend. The sequel I have found is yet another great installment in this series, as I have also read Isle of Swords. We find our self again privy to the thoughts of Cat and on the high seas riding along with him. I was curious what Batson might throw at us this time. A mix of beautiful locals and colorful characters another winner. I recommend this book for anyone preteen or older.


We begin on an island with only a pouch that holds a shock of hair, a small cross, and a large green jewel. The story begins to take you on a thrilling adventure of discovery from there. I recently read the sequel to this great story which brought so much more depth for me. The story as a whole brings more depth to the pirate lore that is currently so popular with kids. This story is great for preteens or older. A bit of excitement may be to scary for the youngest, but the overall storyline is clean and spiritual.

Anonymous said...

Cool, so are you going to write a third Isle of Swords book?

Anonymous said...

100 Points--Purchased Eternity’s Edge by Bryan Davis
150 Points--Made Isle of Fire video and posted on youtube
400 Points--Wrote reviews for:
The Restorer
Bark of the Bog Owl
Beyond the Reflection’s Edge
Rise of the Dibor
Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword
4,900 Points---Wrote reviews for:
Door Within
Rise of the Wyrm Lord
Final Storm
Isle of Swords
Isle of Fire
1,200--Got others to write reviews for Pirate books:
Tel Maethanru
Erain Thayleon
Mom o’ 6
Total Points: 6,750

Rather than post all the links and all the reviews here, I’ve sent them to you, Mr. Batson, in an Excel spreadsheet so it’s not quite as messy.