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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You Oughta Be in Pictures & New Quest

Seen below are Treasure Hunters NateT and Jon M (Jon's in the middle pic) as they've charted a course to local bookstores in search of my books. Look what they found. Amazingly this Barnes & Noble store was having a sale: Buy one copy of The Final Storm and get two children free!

And now for the new QUEST.


That's the current Amazon bestseller ranking for Isle of Swords Hardback. That means out of the 3+ Million books Amazon sells, Isle of Swords is selling 419,375th best. That's not so hot.

Here's the quest. Buy a copy of Isle of Swords from Amazon from now until, well, until I say STOP, you'll get 300 points for the purchase. And this is repeatable. So if you want to buy Isle of Swords for yourself, and then for your cousins Larry, Moe, and Curly, you can do that: 300, 600, 900...get the picture? As always, email me the receipt.

Bonus Opportunity #1: Purchase Isle of Swords from Amazon, but use the widget link in my sidebar to get to Amazon and make the purchase, you get a bonus 50 points. Just be sure to tell me in the email that you went through the link to Amazon off my blog.

Bonus Opportunity #2: If my Amazon Sales Ranking # for Isle of Swords should dip below 10,000th at any time in the next two weeks, everyone who has purchased Isle of Swords during that span gets a bonus 100 points. *Of course, I don't check Amazon every ten minutes, but one might see the ranking before I do. EMAIL me to let me know. If you have such technical expertise, do a screen capture and send me the image too! It'd be fun to post that!

Happy Hunting!

-Wayne Thomas Batson


Lexi said...

Cool photos! I will hire my brother to drive me around to bookstores, he will be happy to because he has just gotten his first car. I am trying to think of people to buy Isle of Swords for and its not working =/ So, I have one question-if I decided to give one of these to my youth group leader or donate one to my church library would I earn those points too, or must each quest be separate??? If not I don't know how I will be able to complete all of them-my salary as a very hard working eighth grader is five dollars a month =D

WayneThomasBatson said...

Yes, you'd earn those points too! Just make sure you spell that out for me when you email.

And also, I noted that Isle of Swords just dropped to 96,000th, so the time is ripe! A dozen or so purchased could be enough to knock it below 10,000th!

WayneThomasBatson said...

Uh, oh. It's down to 37,000th. Something's happening here. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Batson, i just learned that my Mom will be teaching your daughter at St. Stephens in Eldersburg! Small world. lol

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Tyler! I look forward to meeting you both. Maybe I can come back to your school for a book event.

Also, I will be updating Treasure Points soon. I just returned from vacation, and now I have a stuffed email inbox. lol

Never alone.


Anonymous said...

Did it drop below the 10,000 line in those two weeks?

Lexi said...

jon, I don't think it did. I believe the lowest I saw it was somewhere in the 27,000's. So it was pretty close!