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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Report, Day 6: Charlotte and Raleigh

Okay, something happened today that, had it been the only event of the entire tour, would have been enough for me. This morning we walked into the Barnes and Noble of Charlotte, North Carolina and found several fantasy fans waiting for us. Among them was a nice young lady who brought Bryan Davis a beautiful painting of a dragon's eye--and theme music she had composed to go with it.

But also among the folks waiting was a precious, precious family who blessed me on a level that I can barely describe. First of all, they drove from Rocky Mount all the way to Charlotte, stayed overnight there just to make sure they could be there when the author of The Door Within books arrived. I just about fell over. Really? I think to myself. I had no idea what was to come.

This family was a mom, two girls, and a son. They'd all read my books and professed to love them. But one of the daughters, a young lady named Shelby, just 13 years old, walked up to me and told me, "Your books changed my life." I just lost it. {Cue tear floodgates} She went on to tell me how she could finally see how vain so many pursuits of the world were, and how she now will walk the narrow way. She told me that God has taught her through my books that this world is not all there is and that she longs for heaven. AND, she brought me a manuscript she'd written...100 pages, a story she'd developed from one of the settings from Final Storm. She wanted me to read it to tell her what I think of her work. I'm loving it so is so completely from her sweet, humble heart, and I am overcome. Her mother told me just before the family left: "Your books have radically changed our whole family."

If you happen to read this blog today, regular or not, I have something to declare to you from the rooftops: God is the keeper of the great and the small. Only God could have taken my inadequate words and touched hearts so deeply. And only God could have seen into my heart and known how desperately I needed to know that I was serving Him. And this morning before we even left for the event, I grabbed all my suitcases and was just about to leave the home where we stayed the night. I happened to glance at the table and saw a napkin. I thought, "Yeah, get the napkin. You might need to blow your nose on the road or something." Or something. No detail escapes God's notice. He sees your deepest need and waits for the perfect timing.

One day, I will thank Him in person. I will fall down on my knees and kiss his nail-scarred hands.

For a little video update click HERE.


therosepatch said...

That's great Wayne! I love hearing stories like that about books I intend to read. It gives me a greater desire to read them. God Bless you, my friend, for serving the Lord.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Unknown said...

Those are the things that show us just how amazing God is!

everlastingscribe said...

You've done it m'lord Batson. Along with Him you have penned tales that are more than tales. May you all ways be an honor to Him, and may you never lose the tenderness or passion He has placed in your heart for His word and your readers.

Roheryn said...

That's... amazing... I'm speechless...
Great job!!!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Wayne, when you said Shelby told you she wants to walk the narrow way, that touched me, too. That is such a strong scene in Door Within, and her referencing it--plus all the other circumstances about the family making the effort to see you--makes it clear she wasn't just speaking as a star-struck fan. Wonderful to see God at work.


Unknown said...

See you tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

lol, I love the videos! C.H. is a hoot :)
Makes me feel like I'm there. Glad you're having a blast.

Paul Martin said...

Mr. Batson, Saw you at the Ellicott City His Way Christian Books as part of your tour. She wrote a post on our blog about the event. Hope you have time to read it. She really was blessed by everyone's kindness and humility. Thank you for being faithful in heeding God's call on your life. It's my prayer my daughter will do the same.

Paul Martin, father to Kimmie Martin

Nina said...

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